The flood caused havoc and the process of education in these affected areas was once again suspended Professor Muhammad Ibrahim Khan 

Lahore, September 22, 2022 (PPI-OT):Deputy Amir and Supervisor of Education Department of Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan, Professor Muhammad Ibrahim Khan has said that the recent stormy rains and floods have caused irreparable damage to agriculture, forests, livestock, houses, buildings, roads, etc. The life and education process has also been disrupted.

After the long closure of educational institutions due to the Corona epidemic, educational activities had started by God, but the flood caused havoc and the education process in these affected areas was once again suspended. According to a survey, 1180 schools in Punjab, more than 15 thousand in Sindh, 1677 in Balochistan and 1024 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have been affected by floods.

In total, 19 thousand 723 public educational institutions have been damaged by the flood, however, the number of private educational institutions is more. The survey reports are saying that a total of 50 thousand schools have been affected across the country due to the flood.

He said that due to the government’s negligence and poor planning, lakhs of people are forced to live in a state of lack of service. In 2010 there was great destruction from flood, but the destruction of flood in 2022 is more than that.

It is a pity that we have not learned from the flood of 2010, no planning for building dams and bridges. No experience has been gained from other nations to prevent floods, nothing more than a silent spectator.

National, Provincial and District Disaster Management Authority, Department of Meteorology, Department of Irrigation are also neglecting their responsibility. The affected areas were not evacuated in time, the people were not informed about the weather situation in advance, the river and drains were not cleaned, the embankment was not strengthened or the repair work was done. The sad aspect is that these institutions the staff is only responsible for protecting the lands of ministers, councillors and MNAs and MPs.

He said that the loss of education of male and female students in these affected areas is more than all other losses. The education system has been suspended there for several months. No action plan has yet come out for the restoration of education at the government level, due to which there is a fear that the valuable years of the students will be lost.

The foundation has started a school in the tents with its limited resources, but it is up to the government to make immediate arrangements. The damage to the education sector is initially estimated at $12.5 million.

He asked the government not to wait for any external aid to help the flood victims, the government should reduce its administrative expenses by 50%, help the victims with sincerity and honesty. Take immediate steps to save the school year of female students from being wasted, take steps for free education for the students of these areas for admission in educational institutions of other areas, and educational grants for the rehabilitation of the affected educational institutions. Announce immediately.

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