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Talks between Prime Minister Imran Khan and Turkish President

Prime Minister Imran Khan and Turkish President Recep Tayyip in Ankara were discussed on the level of unity and delegation .. Prime Minister arrived at the presidential palace, Turkish President Recep Tayyip welcomed him. Prime Minister Imran Khan was presented to the occasion on the occasion … President Tariq and Prime Minister Imran Khan discussed bilateral relations, regional and global affairs.

In a joint statement regarding the visit, it has been said that the ideal relations between the governments and the people of the two countries cover centuries. These relations have been transformed into strategic partnership. The two countries, agreed to enhance bilateral cooperation in all sectors, reiterated the commitment of each other on important issues .The current relations in defense and defense production sector were satisfactory. While it was reiterated that the two countries will promote this further in the future..This agreement was expressed in the present that the current volume of economy and trade between Pakistan and Turkey will be expanded … while the health and agriculture The sector will be developed through joint mechanisms. It was decided that both the countries will expand public relations, promote the cooperation in education, culture, tourism and youth sector. The two countries also reiterated the commitment that would be dealt with terrorism completely.

Source: Ptv News