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Talk to Prime Minister’s telephone from Turkish President

Turkish President Recep Tayyip, praising the announcement of release of the Indian pilot arrested by Prime Minister Imran Khan, has declared this move a sign of power. Speaking on telephone with the Prime Minister, the Turkish President appreciated the offer to address the Imran Khan’s parliament and as a leader in reducing stress to India. He emphasized the need for peace to be resolved peacefully. He said Imran Khan informed the Turkish President about the efforts to reduce the situation and stress born during the past few days. He also informed the Turkish President about the difficult situation of occupied Kashmir and the protest against Kashmiri people. Prime Minister thanked President Rizb Tayyip for the continued support of Pakistan and the Kashmiri people.

Both leaders agreed that the visit of the Turkish President will help Pakistan further expand the relationship between the two countries. Prime Minister Imran Khan clarified that Pakistan is the country that will always stand with Turkey.

Source: PTV News