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Speech by Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari at Islamabad Azadi March

Islamabad, November 01, 2019 (PPI-OT): Bismillah ArRehman Ar Rahim, I thank very much Moulana Fazlur Rehman Sahib that he gathered all political parties and sent a clear message for Islamabad, federation and Parliament that the people of this country, Pakistani people demand today only democracy, they want Islamic, Parliamentary, federating, democratic system, the system which we all passed in the 1973 constitution. The people of this country want the same democracy, the same constitution.

The people does not accept this selected and puppet system. I would like to ask that in this new Pakistan what is this democracy, what kind of liberty is this that after even 70 years we could not hold a single fair and free election. On the night of our elections, our polling agents were thrown out of the polling station. Army was appointed inside and outside our polling stations, the institution whose job is security only is being made to check polling lists and these tactics put a question on the impartiality of our great institutions and elections.

We don’t want this, we ask why and how this is happening. When we fought in the elections during dictator Zia’s time, rigging took place then too but even then our army wasn’t present inside and outside the polling stations. Elections took place in Musharraf’s time as well and there was rigging but even then army wasn’t present in the polling stations. In the elections of 2008 and 2013 when terrorism was at its peak, and the need for security was stronger even then our army wasn’t made to stand inside the polling stations.

Then why was this all done in the elections of 2018 for the sake of Imran Khan? This is not a particular political party’s army; this is not Imran Khan’s army, this is my army, this is your army, this is every Pakistani’s army. We will keep it impartial, non-political and will not let it be partial in the elections. What kind of freedom is this, where neither the public is free nor politics and journalism? What kind of freedom is it, where there is a ban on media, not only is our government selected but our media is too?

What kind of freedom is this, that a RAW agent Kulbushan Jhadav’s interview is aired, an Indian Air Force pilot’s interview is aired, terrorists’ interviews are aired, but a former President, Asif Ali Zardari’s interview is not aired, Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s press conferences are not aired, Mian Nawaz Sharif’s talk isn’t aired? What kind of freedom is this? What kind of democracy is this? What kind of a new Pakistan is this? We do not accept it. I want to ask what kind of freedom is this, where our economy is not free too, where our budget is PTIMF’s budget, where the decisions of our economy are being made outside, where the decision of the appointment of our Finance Minister is being made by the IMF, the decision for the head of the State Bank and the FBR are made by the IMF, then our economy is not free too.

We do not accept it. This anti-people government, this selected government, the selected government always burdens the people which is because they are not governing as per the demands and power of the people, are not in power because of the government but due to plotting and someone’s signal, that of the selectors. Then why would they keep the people happy, they will surely burden the people but will try to keep the selector’s happy. You saw how our people have been financially killed in one year by the financial terrorism; every class has been financially killed.

The same Imran who used to advocate for not two but one Pakistan, his policies are torturing the poor and giving relief to the rich. When there are bails for billionaire stockholders and bankers, there are tax amnesty schemes for the rich, but for the common people, labourers and farmers, there is no tax amnesty scheme or bail out. For the people, there is a tsunami of price hike and taxes, only because our Prime Minister is selected, only because our Prime Minister is not a representative of the public, our PM is incapable and a puppet.

If there is a selected PM, an incapable PM, then there will be a question on our foreign policy as well. You all saw that in Imran Khan’s presence, in the time of this puppet PM, a historic attack is being carried out on Kashmir and our PM stands in the National Assembly and says what can I do. Our PM doesn’t bring forward a Human Rights Resolution for Kashmir, does not talk about the – inaudible – of Kashmir, just holds speeches and tweets for Kashmir. The Pakistani public knows that the selected and puppet PM has sacrificed and compromised Kashmir and no Pakistani can accept this compromise. We do not accept the compromise on Kashmir and every Pakistani will fight until his last breath but will not accept this compromise.

Now, the whole country has only one message, every political party has one message, PPP’s slogan is Go Selected Go, PML-N’s slogan is Go Selected Go, JUI-F’s slogan is Go Selected Go, Maulana Fazlur Rehman sahib’s slogan is Go Selected Go, ANP’s slogan is Go Selected Go, Asfandyar Wali sahib’s slogan is Go Selected Go, Achakzai sahib’s slogan is Go Selected Go, it is the slogan of students, labourers, farmers, traders and of Pakistan, Go Selected Go. I would like to reassure you all, Maulana Fazlur Rehman sahib and the united opposition that we will support you in all your democratic steps and that we will send this selected PM home. Thank you all, Pakistan Zindabad.

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