Sindhi Play “Fana Kayo Firaq” staged at Sindh Theatre Festival

Karachi, November 04, 2018 (PPI-OT): On the second day of Sindh Theatre festival Sindhi Play “Fana Kayo Firaq” was staged at the Arts Council of Pakistan. The play was directed by Akbar Shah. Play was reflecting the international issues of a Sindhi family and the contradiction of gender and the generations. “Fana Kayo Firaq” play was written beautifully and where actors constrained the audience to appreciate them on the delivery of dialogue and amazing acting.

The play was reflecting the social and family life of a Sindhi family of an old Sindhi man who has two sons and a daughter, one of the son is abnormal and the other one as idiot, he has no interest in education and a traditional man where her daughter just have came back from the city after getting higher education.

The poetry of Shah Abdul Latif Bhatai and his preaching are also the part of play. The play is also representing the impacts of Sufism and the preaching of Shah Abdul Latif Bhatai. In the middle of play a young but uneducated feudal propose the daughter of the old man who asked him to read and remember the whole poetry of “Shah Jo Risalo” a book of Shah Abdul Latif Bhatai. His love makes him to do so and when he returns he has bearded on her face and he is a complete changed man.

A small part of play was also reflecting the gender equity in the rural Sindh where man has ultimate power of control on women. The healthy dialogues are and a little humour amused the audience. Many dialogues of the play directly hit the audience and they appreciated it greatly. Some of the dialogues were “we always run behind the external beauty of a women but she also has internal beauty which is more than external but to see that we have to change the many things in us” and “the knowledge that doesn’t change the behaviour of a men is not a knowledge”.

The overall play was appreciated by the audience. The eighteenth days Sindh Theatre festival will last till 18th of November in which 20 Urdu and Sindhi Play’s will be staged at the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi.

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