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Senate Causes in chairmanship of Chairman Sadiq Sanjani

According to the Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjani, directed the committee to submit a report to the Standing Committee on Naushealal affairs in a week. The Senate members said that commission should be made in the event.

According to the Chairman Senate, there is a problem of peace and security, but on human basis, the case of Sahiwal incident should be seen in the Interior Affairs Committee and plan to prevent such events in the house.

Leader of opposition leader Raja Zafar ul Haq said that Sahiwal incident has changed the position of CTD. How can an event be called two FIRs?

Sherry Rehman said that we condemn the above mentioned incidents and will raise voice on every forum against such incidents.

Senator Faisal Javed said that the anger of the people is legitimate on the incident of Sahiwal and the accused will be punished. We should wait for the JIT report. The accused will be brought to justice.

Maulan Abdurbaghulghofur Rehman, Usman Khan Kakar, Siraj ul Haq, Jehanzeb Jamalani, Star Ayaz, Javaid Abbasi, Klusum Parain, Robin Khalid, Azam Khan Swati, Rehman Malik and Atiq Haq Sheikh demanded a hard action against the people who were doing so.

Mian Atiqq passed the federal universities amendment Bill in the House, two thousand eighteen billions, while amendment bill of amendment of human body and tissue was sent to the law of justice.

The Senate approached the minimum wages of the workers, the establishment of Hazara Electric Supply Company, the availability of medicines in hospitals and the development of Guaddar-e-Jharkhand resolution.

On the beginning of the meeting, the nominated candidate Senator Kakar took oath. The meeting of the Senate will be at the end of the clock tomorrow

Source: PTV News