Rulers axing own feet by neglecting Karachi: Altaf Shakoor

Karachi, September 09, 2019 (PPI-OT): The sitting rulers are axing their own feet, politically, by neglecting the megacity, Karachi, and they would get a bitter result of this anti-Karachi mentality in coming elections, said Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Altaf Shakoor here Monday.


He said the 10-points of the Prime Minister and a committee under the chair of federal minister Naseem Farogh is just an eye wash, as Karachiites had been fooled by such tricks in past, repeatedly. He said if the rulers are really sincere to empower Karachi and help it to resolve its own issue without waiting for federal or provincial dole outs, it should be immediately given the status of a ‘charter city’. He said Megacity Karachi feeds whole Pakistan and it could also sustain itself financially if its hands are untied.


Altaf Shakoor asked that under charter city status Karachi should be allowed to generate its own financial resources through ‘charter city taxation’. It should be run on the pattern of civilized megacities of the world like London, New York and Tokyo through empowered metropolitan government systems and elected metropolitan police chiefs. He said if Prime Minister Imran Khan is really sincere to Karachi he should stay in the megacity at least one day a week to get the first-hand information about the issues of this neglected metropolis.


Altaf Shakoor said that Karachi is the worst megacity of the world in terms of public transport. He said public transport sector in the megacity is in sheer disarray. The federal and provincial projects of rapid bus transit are on back burner. Despite the clear cut directives of the Supreme Court of Pakistan the government is dragging feet in revival the Karachi Circular Railway or introducing tram system in the city.


He appealed to the Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa to take notice of this blatant contempt of court, and send the corrupt and inefficient bureaucrats involved in this contempt to jail. He said it is high time that the citizens of Karachi like the citizens of Lahore and Islamabad/Rawalpindi get a respectable and humanized public transport system. He said commuting of Karachiites on rooftops of smoking emitting old minibuses is a shame for whole Pakistan, as this megacity generates the lion’s share for the national economy and it is also the identity of Pakistan is whole world.


PDP Chairman demanded to revamp healthcare system in the megacity. He said dengue, malaria, typhoid, Congo and other communicable diseases are spreading in the megacity due to failure of healthcare and public health engineering system. He said swarms of flies and mosquitoes after rains show a total failure of the administration. He demanded improving healthcare delivery by opening new teaching hospitals on government sector in all districts of the megacity.


He said civic infrastructure of the megacity needs an investment of tens of billions rupees on priority. He said municipal system in Karachi is a total failure and the government should slap a municipal emergency in Karachi and call army to assist in removal of garbage and opening of choked gutter lines and our corrupt and crippled civil administration is not able to do this huge task.


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