Right to Information: Pakistan ranks 103 across 128 countries in the world on right to information: Survey

Islamabad, November 27, 2020 (PPI-OT): According to a World Justice Project (WJP) Survey conducted by Gallup Pakistan, Pakistan ranks 103 among 128 countries surveyed in the world on right to information.

The global survey results are based on sub-Factor 3.2 of the WJP Open Government Index which measures whether requests for information held by a government agency are granted, whether these requests are granted within a reasonable time period, if the information provided is pertinent and complete, and if requests for information are granted at a reasonable cost and without having to pay a bribe. It also measures whether people are aware of their right to information, and whether relevant records are accessible to the public upon request.

Pakistan vs. Neighbouring/ South Asian Countries: On this index, only Iran (117) ranks lower than Pakistan while rest rank much higher with India at 37th, China 43rd, and Bangladesh 46th.

Pakistan vs. Developed: Denmark at 3rd on this index, followed by US at 12th and UK at 16th.

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