Researchers explicate cost-effective healthcare delivery solutions during a three-day conference 

Lahore, November 17, 2022 (PPI-OT):The ever-changing health industry and the ever-increasing need for cost-effective health-care delivery solutions have led to advancements in the allied health field. In recent times, the area of allied health sciences has been exposed to an outburst of scientific reinventions brought about on the basis of allied health research. To capture the nuances of these advancements, multiple national and international researchers convened on October 25-27, 2022 at the University of Lahore (UOL) for a three-day conference.

The first of its kind, “International Conference on Advances in Allied Health Sciences 2022”, was organized by the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences (FAHS). This academic platform had 40 international speakers, 50 national speakers, 3500 conference delegates, 30 state-of-the-art lectures, 25 sponsors, and 30 collaborators.

During the academic sessions, researchers presented their views in three different scientific sessions, with each session catering to four broad themes. The first scientific session was devoted to presenting contemporary works in Molecular Pathology and Medicine, Innovative Imaging Technology, Physical Therapy, Dietetics, and Food Sciences.

This session was marked by elucidatory research-based perspectives of speakers like: Prof. Dr. Jianglin Fan (Chairman and Professor, Department of Molecular Pathology, University of Yamanashi), Dr. Raham Bacha (Associate. Professor, UIRSMIT, UOL), Ms. Khadija Ul Sughra (Assistant. Professor, UIRSMIT, UOL), Dr. Saima Haider (Deputy Chief Medical Officer, CENUM, Mayo Hospital, Lahore), Prof. Dr. Arshad Nawaz Malik (Principal, Riphah College of Rehab and Allied Health Sciences, Riphah International University, Islamabad) and more.

These speakers shared key advancements related to the role of artificial intelligence in allied health sciences and discussed cadmium resistance, genomics and proteomics analysis, genetic variation analysis, sonography, nutrition and health, children’s stunting and under nutrition, and the role of exercise.

The second session discussed the key developments in the field of nursing, details of the athletic religious faith scale, the role of physical activity in the treatment of cancer, challenges and opportunities surfacing in sports tourism, global trends in the food business, and food safety measures.

In this session, Prof. Dr. Asim Kurjak (Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Medical School Universities of Zagreb and Sarajevo, Croatia), Prof. Dr. Behrouz Attarbashi Moghadam (PhD, PT Department of Physical Therapy, School of Rehabilitation, and Tehran), Prof. Gary Williamson (HoD, Nutrition, Dietetics and Food, University of Monash, Australia) and others put forth their research observations.

The third scientific session was focused on the role of public health in modern medicine; discovering recent advances in anaesthesia and critical care, optometry in modern ophthalmology; and figuring out ways to build a better world for the differentially able in the post-COVID era, presented by various national and international speakers.

The conference was conducted after the approval of HEC, PHEC, and PSF, covering four Sustainable Development Goals. It commenced with an opening ceremony that was marked by inaugural remarks from Mr. Awais Raoof (Chairman, BoG) and Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf (Rector, UOL).

This forum also had state-of-the-art lectures, which were delivered on innovative ultrasonography techniques, speech-language therapy, dengue, growth and development of sports sciences, and advancements in molecular pathology and medicine. Alongside these eloquent lectures, the conference also had a health expo, signing ceremonies of seven MoUs, and poster presentations. The attendees were entertained with corporate and gala dinners and city tours.

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