PTI leaders slam drive against Haleem Adil Sheikh

Karachi, July 12, 2020 (PPI-OT): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leaders here Sunday said that the media campaign targeted against Haleem Adil Sheikh is aimed at to hush up the mega corruption of the PPP leaders. Addressing a press conference at the Insaf House here, the leader of opposition in Sindh assembly Firdous Shamim Naqvi said that some person sent a complain to the NAB and the NAB issued a letter to concerned officers to get information. He said the media is sensitization the issue with glaring headlines like Haleem Adil on the radar of the NAB, noose tightened, etc.

He said the people belonging to the PPP are sending complaints against Haleem Adil Sheikh to suppress his voice. He said Zardari is the symbol of corruption in Pakistan, but the media has forgotten him. He said the JIT on Zardari is forgotten. He said Murad Ali Shah had illegally given Rs100 Crore to Thatta sugar mills, and it is also forgotten. He said in the light of audit reports, cases of billions of rupees corruption could have been filed against the PPP leaders but this matter is also forgotten. He said; however, if one complaint is filed against Haleem Adil, the media creates a lot of hype.

However, PTI Vice President and parliamentary party leader in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh said that when he started to expose the corruption of Sindh government, these people became his enemy. He said SSP Dr Rizwan had levelled allegations to PPP leaders and the media should have probed into the matter. He said the media forgets these things. He said Sindh government has gone to the anti-corruption department against Haleem Adil but no case was made. He said that Sindh government has got information available about all lands in Sindh and it has yet failed to prove any case against Haleem Adil.

He said the PTI has the members who are free from corruption. He is the PTI is not the party whose members will say ‘why I am expelled?’ He said there is no place for the corrupt elements in the PTI. He said action was taken against a KPK minister when an audio recording was discovered. He said in Sindh there are people who are from Mr 10 percent to Mr 90 percent. He said the media should give focus on corruption in Sindh. He said he is going to the NAB against the government of Sindh for its corruption along with solid proofs and we will have to see what action the NAB takes against the Sindh government. He hoped that the media would give the same coverage to other complaints also.

However, Firdous Shamim Naqvi said that the media should probe into who gave lands worth billions of rupees to Malik Riaz for peanuts. He said the NAB should take action against those who allotted these lands. He asked to make a JIT against Malik Riaz and his corruption. He said the rulers of Sindh have ruined Karachi. They did not run public transport buses and also did not ensured proper municipal services in the megacity. They only looted money from Karachi.

Haleem Adil further said that we are not the people who fall ill when summoned by the NAB and become well when Maulana meets them. He said Asad Umar and chief minister Punjab went to the NAB when they were summoned, but Sindh chief minister Murad Ali Shah has refused to go to the NAB. He said he has not received any notice from the NAB. He said in application against him there is no mention of China-cutting, but the media is talking about China-cutting. He said he bought a land of four acres on lease in 1991 and applied to extend the lease for 99 years. He said 13 such cases are pending in Sindh high court.

He said in a Tehsil of Malir hundreds of people have made farmhouses and hotels on such lands. He said a cement factory over a thousand acres of land is established also on such a land. He said no one is taking against these people. He said two years back they had staged a rally in favour of the demands of sugarcane growers and the PPP and its henchmen started filing complaints against him. He said there are cases and JIT against Nisar Morai of the PPP. He said the fisheries is in shambles today.

He said the new chairman of fisheries also belong to same mafia. He said within three years a corruption of Rs1.8 billion is made in the fisheries department. He said the mines department leased out hills for just Rs0.2 million. However, MPA Ali Aziz GG, PTI leader Saifullah Abro, Sumair Mir Sheikh, Jam Farooq Ali Mirjat and others were present.

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