PPP reluctant to give Public Accounts Committee to opposition to hide poor performance: Haleem Adil Sheikh

Karachi, March 05, 2019 (PPI-OT): Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Sindh chapter general secretary and parliamentary party leader Haleem Adil Sheikh here Tuesday said the ruling party in Sindh, PPP, is not ready to accept an opposition-led Public Accounts Committee just to hide the poor performance of their government. He said the opposition parties have already submitted a motion against the poor performance of PPP government in Sindh during last 10 years and not giving the chairmanship of the public accounts committee to the leader of opposition in Sindh assembly.


The motion said that during last 10 years the government has not shown seriousness in resolving the burning problems of people of Sindh. The law and order situation is worsening and the poor masses do not have access to basic facilities. It demanded to resolve the issues of people of Sindh and give chairmanship of Sindh public accounts committee to the leader of opposition in Sindh assembly.


However MPAs of opposition parties in Sindh Assembly along with Opposition Leader Firdous Shamim Naqvi also staged a protest demo in Sindh Assembly and outside of Sindh Assembly against poor performance of government during the last 10 years. They demanded accountability of past 10 years. They chanted slogans against poor performance of the government.


Later, talking to media outside the Sindh Assembly, Haleem Adil said Modi once again was brow beaten, and Indian submarine today had to flee away after it was detected by the brave Pakistan Navy. He said today Pakistan once again did not target this submarine to give yet another message of peace to India. He said we salute our brave armed forces. He said Pakistan has always given the message of peace. He said Modi is the biggest Satan of this region. He wanted to attack Pakistan on the behest of another satanic country Israel. However, brave Pakistani armed forces have already replied him in a befitting manner.


Haleem Adil said the Pakistani masses stand shoulder by shoulder with the brave army. He said the enemy wanted to cast an evil eye on Bahawalpur and Karachi. He said India destroyed some of our trees and we destroyed their two war planes. He said the Pakistani nation has the strength of Kalma Tayyaba. Whole nation is united and the minorities of Pakistan also back the government and armed forces.


He said this is a new Pakistan under the leadership of a great leader. He said nobody should worry as Pakistan is in safe hands. He said in Sindh the ruling PPP has established a civil dictatorship. He said the PPP ministers have made Sindh assembly a joke. They are not ready to talk in assembly on public issues. They only know about corruption and nothing else.


He said in Sindh the PPP is afraid to give the public accounts committee to the opposition. He said the PPP leaders pay only lip reverie to Benazir Bhutto and they are not ready to accept her Charter of Democracy. He said in Sindh the resources of public were looted by the rulers. During nine years there are embezzlements and irregularities of Rs997billion according to a report of Auditor General. The PPP is afraid of opposition-led PAC because their ministers are involved in corruption.


Haleem said in Sindh poor masses are compelled to drink gutter-mixed water. He said there are no basic facilities available to poor masses of even education and healthcare. He said the government in Sindh has failed to give relief to the masses. He said people have given us a mandate and when a new Pakistan has been established a new Sindh would also be made. He said we only want to ask the rulers why they are not working for welfare and betterment of masses. He said if the government benches did not show seriousness in Sindh assembly the opposition would not allow running the house. He said we will opt for a tough protest.


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