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Patriotism best way to get grievances resolved: Altaf Shakoor

Karachi, September 16, 2019 (PPI-OT): Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Altaf Shakoor has said that the patriotism is the best way to get the grievances of people resolved as narrow nationalist chauvinism is finding no place in the world. In a statement here Monday, he said that back in 1970 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s Awami League had declared all non-Bengalis as aliens and forced them to leave the East Pakistan. Now, the Indian dictator Modi has declared two million Bengalis living in Assam as aliens. He regretted that the sufferers of Mujib and Modi chauvinism are mostly Muslims.


Altaf Shakoor said today Ummah is weak, because Muslims have divided them on lines of narrow linguistic and regional nationalism. He said the Arab nationalism, Bengali nationalism, Sindhi, Baloch, Punjabi, Pakhtoon, Seraiki and Mohajir nationalisms, etc., are weakening the concept of Ummah. He said when these petty differences are shunned, the Ummah would rise stronger and the Muslims would find their lost glory.


He said in Pakistan we have a lot of issues and grievances. The society is divided into the rich and the poor. Elite class is looting and plundering the country, while the poor people are finding it hard to arrange two square meals for their children. He said the grievances of smaller provinces and neglect of the megacities is a bitter fact, but again all these grievances could be easily resolved with patriotism and working positively within the ambit of law and constitution. He said all due rights of people should be given and their constitutional and basic human rights should be respected.


Altaf Shakoor said that Pakistan is a resourceful country, with a huge young population. If our rulers chalk out positive and pragmatic policies and utilize our ample natural resources besides training our massive young workforce, Pakistan could be easily counted amongst the most developed nations of the world within no time.


He said; however, for this purpose we have to send the real representatives of people to parliament, rejecting corrupt turncoat politicians and electables. He said the present electoral system has failed to deliver and we need a proportionate electoral system on priority. He said with the proportionate electoral system we can defeat the professional corrupt politicians and elect the real representatives of people.


PDP Chairman appealed to the nation to forge unity and solidarity in their rank and file and work jointly with patriotism for the development and uplift of the country. He said national resources should be spent judicially on all areas and provinces without neglecting any segments of society. He called for making a block of Muslim countries with the name of Muslim Union on the pattern of European Union (EU) so that their resources and energies are pooled together for a collective benefit and uplift of the Ummah.


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