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Palestinian PM pays solidarity visit to Khan al-Ahmar village

Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah and a number of ministers paid a solidarity visit Thursday to the eastern Jerusalem village of Khan al-Ahmar village, which is under threat of demolition by Israel to build a Jewish settlement in its place.

Hamdallah saluted the village residents and activists who have been on a vigil at the village ever since the Israeli government announced its decision to demolish it. He said that the popular resistance against the Israeli measures in the occupied territories will continue to foil the so-called American ‘Deal of the Century.’

Our presence here in Khan al-Ahmar carries a message that says we are going to fight to defeat the deal of the century, he said, adding that his government is facing many financial pressures but it will remain strong and will not give up on the national constants.

The prime minister visited the village school and talked with students and teachers as he praised them for their perseverance.

Source: International Islamic News Agency