Pakistan Medical Association demands media campaign to aware people about heat-wave

Karachi, March 21, 2016 (PPI-OT): Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Karachi on Monday suggested the Sindh government to launch a massive media campaign to create awareness regarding expected heat-wave and how to prevent heat stroke. In a letter sent of Chief Minister Sindh, PMA expressed extreme concern about the expected heat- wave in Karachi this summer. “In 2015, hundreds of people suffered because of sudden heat wave in Karachi and we faced unnecessary and potentially preventable deaths because of ignorance and failure of our system,” it said.

PMA in collaboration with Edhi Foundation is organizing an awareness campaign regarding expected heat wave in the future. “We are trying to create awareness among general public regarding prevention from effects of heat wave and extremely hot weather.” PMA and Edhi foundation strongly believe that the government of Sindh should take solid measures to face the expected heat wave in the month of June and in Ramadan in 2016.

PMA suggested the government to establish of heat-wave centres in different part of the city especially in district hospitals and RHC so that the burden on tertiary-care hospitals in the city is reduced and they can be used as referral centres for treatment of severe cases. The government can also use mosques, schools and wedding halls as heat-wave shelters for this purpose and the Sindh Government is requested to issue instructions to seek their cooperation in this regard.

It was observed last year that ambulances were occupied with the task of transporting dead bodies from one graveyard to another because of lack of burial spaces in the city graveyards and hence fewer ambulances were available for transporting victims to hospitals whose lives could have been saved by rushing them to hospitals in time.

The authorities should also make sure that enough number of graves is available in the graveyards because last year graveyards were not able to provide enough space for burial of hundreds of deceased. PMA suggested that government should launch a massive media campaign to create awareness regarding heat-wave and how to prevent heat stroke. PMA in collaboration with Edhi foundation is ready to help and cooperate with government in whatever way possible.

For more information, contact:
Dr. Samrina Hashmi
Pakistan Medical Association
PMA, Sindh
PMA House- 85 Saddar Bazar
Hyderabad, Sindh
Cell No: 0333-2347623
Telephone: 022-2785143


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