OIC chief calls for reconciliation among various Afghan factions

Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Dr. Yousef Al-Othaimeen said the International Ulema Conference on Peace and Security in Afghanistan, being held in Saudi Arabia on July 10-11, comes at a pivotal time, where the Afghan people are looking forward to turning the page of the past and to opening a new one, based on reunion, tolerance and non-violence, in compliance with the teachings of Islam.

In his opening address to the conference in Jeddah on Tuesday, Al-Othaimeen said: Afghanistan � one of the OIC founding countries � is crying out and calling on all to stand with it, support it to achieve security and stability throughout its territories, and reunite its people of all races, sects and components.

You have a great responsibility, a great honesty and a very critical moral and legitimate role. The outcome of our meeting today will not only be reflected in the situation in Afghanistan, but also in the entire Muslim world, which is anticipating an effective contribution to addressing the issue of misinterpreting the teachings of the religion, as well as your quest to deprive the disobedient groups of tarnishing the faith, killing and destroying in the name of Islam, which innocent of them, the OIC chief told the participants.

You are required today to promote the principles of coexistence among the ethnic groups and followers of different religious sects, and to contribute to this effort in promoting national reconciliation, in which all the components and spectrums of Afghan society are participating by embracing a comprehensive approach stemming from within the Afghan society itself to address the various political, cultural, economic and social aspects, he continued.

Al-Othaimeen affirmed that the OIC will stand by the ulema’S (scholars) efforts, support the recommendations of the conference and move forward with their implementation, to complement the roles being played by the Organization toward supporting the security and stability of Afghanistan.

The secretary general stressed the need for the meeting to come out with positive results that will put an end to the conflict and violence in the country and map out a safe future based on the teachings of Islam. In addition to healing the rift and unify the ranks to realize peace, security and stability in Afghanistan, leading to the achievement of unity and territorial integrity of the country and harmony among all its people, as a prelude to a comprehensive national reconciliation.

The two-day conference, attended by Afghan religious leaders and prominent Muslim scholars from around the world, is aimed at consolidating peace and stability in Afghanistan and condemning terrorism and violent extremism in all their forms and manifestations.

The conference features two plenary sessions, one on Reconciliation in Islam: Role of Ulema in bringing peace and stability in Afghanistan and the other under the theme of Islam’s position on terrorism and violent extremism. It will be concluded Wednesday at the Guest Palace in Makkah with the adoption of “Makkah Declaration on Consolidating Peace and Security in Afghanistan.

Source: International Islamic News Agency


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