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News conference in US President Donald Trump’s Hanoi

US President Barack Obama Trump said that North Korea’s leader Kim Jong is seeking a ban on North Korea’s sanctions due to lack of agreement.

Talking to reporters after talks with Kim Jong, Kim Jong in Hanoi, President Donald Trump said that North Korea wants sanctioned sanctions imposed by the United States before any agreement. He said that the hurry in the agreement Instead, it is more important that the correct agreement should be done. Subtermop referred to the North Korean leadership with positive and constructive .Predermop said that Kim Jongg terminated “North Korea’s nuclear nuclear installation” in the “Yang statement”. However, there was no consensus on the demand for sanctioning restrictions.

Talking to journalists before meeting the second day in Hanoi, the two leaders hoped that bilateral relations would improve and the important issue of the end of the North Korea nuclear program would be progressed. The Korean Korean leader said that if these problems If you do not want to solve, then it would not have happened in Hanoi. He said that there is a time to resolve the problem. US President Trumpp said that there was no better answer than Kim Jong’s answer to the problem. Trump and Somali Korean leader Kim Jung was held in Singapore eight months ago in Singapore.

Source: PTV News