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New iPhone App to Keep The Crazy?

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Feb. 24 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ —

When you need to find out if your date is a ‘Crazy’ or a ‘Keeper’

We’ve all experienced the rush of new love with a new beau or gal but why is it that at one point in our relationship we always end up asking ourselves, “Is this person crazy?” Maybe it was because they called too much or because they showed up at your work place unannounced just to say “Hi!” While that may be sweet and adoring to some, it might just mean they are teetering on the crazy side. A little bit of crazy is good, but how crazy is too crazy? Let’s face it; it’s a fine line between the two and sometimes your friends and family might not be able to help you through it.

Now for just 99 cents, you can check which side of the line that new love falls by downloading the Keep The Crazy? Apple app for the iPhone 3G/S, iPhone and the iPod touch and then go through a series of questions to determine whether or not your mate is a “Keep” or a “Crazy.” The iPhone application will then allow you to send a picture of your date, their location and comments to the website and file it under the final result (Keep or Crazy). The site will then keep track and display the final stats. The best part is it works for all types of relationships (male/male, male/female, female/female).

Still not sure? Check back to the site on a regular basis to see the comments others have made about your potential mate. They may simply agree or disagree about the final result or straight up tell you to kick that “Crazy” to the curb. Their comments may not be as bias as your mother’s either! Even the person who was deemed “Keep” or “Crazy” can change their fate from “Crazy” to a “Keep” if enough people vote them over!

In the end, this application and the website are created with fun in mind. And keep in mind, maybe in some parts of the country “Crazy” gets high marks in the dating world! Log on and find out for yourself!

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