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National Assembly meeting

Minister of State Shah Mahmood Qureshi announced in a deliberate speech in the National Assembly that the tragedy will not be forgiven by any person involved in Sahiwal. He said that through transparent trials facts will bring the people in front of the nation. The Minister said that political points should not be scored on this matter.

The meeting of the National Assembly was chaired by Speaker Asad-ul-Qadri. Prime Minister Imran Khan came to the National Assembly Hall when the members resigned and welcomed him.

Leader of the opposition, Shahbaz Sharif expressed concern over the issue of Sahiwal on the objections saying that this incident is the entire nation. He said that the Model Town was demanded to resign.

Leadership opposition said that there should be transparent investigations for this incident, Minister of State Shah Mahmood Qureshi said in response to the leader’s opposition speech that it was decided that the leader of the Leader opposition Shahbaz Sharif would consider the economic reforms package, but he deviated Talking about Sahiwal’s incident The Foreign Minister said that this is a very sad event. The government immediately acted against the people involved in this incident. The Minister said that nothing will be hidden from the opposite nation of the past traditions.

Minister of State for Agriculture Asad Umar when presenting the sub-financial amendment bill in the House, the members of the opposition stood up on their seats and started protesting. Some members scatter copies of the agenda and scatter them. During the rift of opposition, government members including Prime Minister Imran Khan kept listening to Ministerial speech with patience.

Finance Minister Asad Umar, in his speech, on some occasions, the slogans raised by the opposition were largely answered in parallel, but the government members drowned them

Source: PTV News