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Naptra: Third of the Air Staff Qarqar International Alpine Ski Cup

The Chief of the Staff Qarruram International Alpine Ski Cup was completely hidden from Ukraine’s skiers.

In the ongoing event at PAF Ski Resort, Nutra, Ukraine will nominate two two positions in the slogans of women and women. In the men’s slural category, “Linko Lekico” was unbelievable in the first half of the men’s rank. Mohammad Karim, who was a co-star, got the second position.

Ukrainian skiers in the women’s slim category also hit the field. Tycoon. Titania ” and ” Anastasia. Gordon W “performed excellent sports, respectively and got the first and second position respectively. Pakistani skipper Ali Ali will be ranked third in this category.

Ski competitions include 40 skiers of thirty countries.

Source: PTV News