Mohammad Ali Jinnah University appointed Dr. Kamran Azim as Dean of its New Faculty of Life Sciences

Karachi, June 11, 2017 (PPI-OT):President, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU), Karachi Prof. Dr. Zubair Shaikh has appointed Prof. Dr. Muhammad Kamran Azim as Dean of newly established Faculty of Life Sciences. He has also been appointed as Head/Chairman, Department of Bio Sciences in the Faculty of Life Sciences. Prof. Kamran Azim who is Ph D in Biochemistry, prior to this responsibility was associated with International Centre for chemical and biological sciences, Karachi University.

He is interested in the studies related to the structure, function, informatics and engineering of proteins; the executioner of life process. He has studied structural biology and bioinformatics of proteins and their regulatory components with special reference to the proteins; the intracellular protein degrading machinery. It is mentioned here that MAJU has recently launched B.S. 4 year program in Bio-sciences from its upcoming semester Fall-2017. The program is aimed to have two branches of specialization (Biotechnology and Bioinformatics) with equal academic weightage.

Both subjects have enormous applications in the biomedical sector. The first branch of Biotechnology, is a more practical and integrated aspect of applied biochemistry, microbiology, genetic engineering and other life and health science subjects. This subject includes the famous recombinant DNA technology which has already gripped its importance in biopharmaceutical industry in aspects of fine biologics production like insulin, interferon and other high value commodities.

The second branch of Bioinformatics shall be focused on computation technology and algorithm design. It clusters basic scientific of computer science and linking it to contemporary subjects of structure based drug design, software engineering and systems biology. Bioinformatics is the fastest growing field of biological sciences in the world and contributes to substantial amount of scientific literature published globally.

Its key application lies in integrating hardware and firmware together with an aim to simplify cumbersome daily aspects which we encounter in routine life. Dr. Kamran Azim said that we aim the seed of these two plantlets shall grow stronger over time into a composite umbrella in near future by incorporating up to-date academic advances and providing our students with best skill set of work in this exciting study area.

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