Modi winning lost war due to immature Pakistani rulers: Dr Shahida

Karachi, March 01, 2019 (PPI-OT): Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) leader Dr Shahida Wizarat has said that the Indian Prime Minister Modi has won a lost war due to undue haste and immaturity of Pakistani rulers. In a statement here Friday, she said it is yet another feather in Modi’s cap that even in the middle of hot conflict, he managed to maneuver the game successfully to seek release of his arrested soldier. She said a seasoned Indian politician has cleanly knocked out our immature Pakistani player.


Dr Wizarat, who is also chairperson of PDP economic affairs division, asked has Imran Khan and his government forgotten Colonel Habib? Why aren’t we exchanging the Indian Wing Commander with Col Habib? The Indian wing commander has been in captivity for only a few days but there was such a chorus for his release. However, Col Habib has been in Indian captivity for many years but has been forgotten by Imran Khan, government of Pakistan and the Pakistani people.


She said in past the Pakistani government released US spy Raymond Davis without pressing for the release of Dr Aafia Siddiqui. She said the Imran Khan government repeated the same history of weakness and appeasement. She regretted that the successive governments in Pakistan have failed to show respect for national honour and aspirations of Pakistani masses.


The PDP leader said the hastily decision of handing over the arrested Indian pilot has disappointed the people of Pakistan and they now feel sorry for pinning high hopes on Imran Khan and PTI government. She said the high aspirations of patriotism amongst the Pakistani masses are being fizzled out due to imprudent decisions of our rulers.


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