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Milli Yakjehti Council terms Supreme Court decision in blasphemer Aasia’s case as totally contradictory to the judgments of trial court and High Court

Lahore, November 01, 2018 (PPI-OT): The Milli Yakjehti Council has termed the Supreme Court decision in blasphemer Aasia’s case as totally contradictory to the judgments of the trial court and the High Court and a clear violation of the Islamic provisions of the constitution as also the Objectives’ Resolution.

The MYC, a conglomeration of over a dozen religious parties of the country, through a unanimous declaration at an emergent meeting held at Mansoora, said that the countrywide protest over the SC verdict should make it clear to the rulers that the entire nation stood united on the issue of the sanctity of the Holy Prophet and it could not tolerate blasphemy of the beloved Prophet.

MYC President Sahibzada Dr Abul Khair Muhammad Zubair, while addressing a press conference after the meeting, said that the Chief Justice and the other judges of the Supreme Court who had ordered Aasia’s release did not deserve to continue in their high offices. He demanded that a Judicial Commission be constituted to decide about their capability to remain in their offices.

As many as 35 representatives from fifteen religious parties attended the meeting. These included Prof. Abdur Rahman Makki, Farid Ahmed Piracha, Maulana Abdul Malik, Maulana Amir Hamza, and others. MYC Secretary General Liaqat Baoch, said that the meeting had decided to stage countrywide protest on Friday, Nov. 2, against the SC verdict and it would decide its future line of action at a meeting to be held at Jamia Qadsya, on November three.

The meeting noted that Prime Minister Imran Khan had hurled threats to the protestors and adopted an insulting attitude about the lovers of the Holy Prophet. It said that if the Prime Minister’s threats caused a provocation in the country, he (PM) would be responsible for that. The MYC lauded the prompt response by the general public over the issue.

The MYC noted that the SC verdict had come in the background of a worldwide campaign by international NGOs against the blasphemy law and demanding Aasia’s release. It further said it was not a coincidence that the SC order was announced on the 31st of October on which the great lover of the Holy Prophet Ghazi Ilmud Din Shaheed was executed.

It decided to convene a meeting of eminent lawyers to scrutinize the SC judgment in the light of the constitution and the Islamic injunctions laid down in the Holy Quran and the Sunnah. It also decided to convene a meeting of leading religious scholars and Mufti’s for the same purpose. The MYC condemned the abolition of the special cell in the Ministry of Religious Affairs for the Tahafuz e Namoos Risalat at which research scholars had been working. It called for the revival of the cell.

The meeting demanded of the government to explain why all those convicted for blasphemy in the past had not been executed so far despite the rejection of their appeals. It warned the rulers that any government that tried to clash with the religious sentiments of the people especially concerning the love of the Holy Prophet (had incurred Allah’s wrath.

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