Length of Roads: In the last 7 decades, the total length of roads in Pakistan has increased nearly 10 times, from 22,238 kilometres in 1947 to 263,356 kilometres in fiscal year 2015-2016, most growth happened in two decades (80’s and 90’s)

Islamabad, July 17, 2019 (PPI-OT): Abstract:Transportation infrastructure plays a critical role in fulfilling the strategic needs of a country and the development of any economy. Undertaking an analysis of facts and figures available in Economic Survey of Pakistan, this particular press release provides an overview of the increase in the road networks in Pakistan since Independence. Total road network includes motorways, highways, and main or national roads, secondary or regional roads, and all other roads in a country.


In first 30 years of Pakistan (1947-77), the overall growth in road network was 159%; rising from 22,238 kilometres in 1947 to 57,494 kilometres in 1977


At the time of Independence, the total length of roads inherited by Pakistan was 22,238 kilometres. Data reveals that total road length increased by 159% in 1977. Low type road length during the same period increased by 66%, while high type road length increased by 319%. It can be inferred from the data that the establishment of the National Highway Board in 1971 played a crucial role in the development of road network and a marked increase of nearly 50% in the overall road length was observed between 1974 and 1977 alone.


In the next 23 years (1977- 2000), overall growth in road network was 334%; rising from 57,494 kilometres in 1977 to 249,972 kilometres in 2000


There is an exponential increase observed in the length of high type roads until 1994 from 34,104 km’s to 104,001 km’s in 17 years.


Since early 2000’s there is close to no growth in road network, however, the share of high type roads is still increasing (30% in the last 16 years).


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