Kashmir: Human Rights International-HRI (GLOBAL) announces its seven-point “CHARTER OF DEMANDS” urges UN to direct India for withdrawal of all amendments recently made in The Constitution of India to make disputed Held Kashmir as its permanent part

Lahore, August 10, 2019 (PPI-OT): Syed Anwar Aleemi, Advocate, Chairman –Human Rights International-HRI (GLOBAL), a renowned writer, poet, columnist and politician has said in his address to a gathering of the Policy Committee of HRI (GLOBAL) from all over Pakistan in a local restaurant, has announced its seven-point “CHARTER OF DEMANDS” and has sent to The Secretary of United Nations Mr. Antonio Gutteres and other high officials of UN in detail with these remarks that hegemony over the UN by any big power of the world can’t be tolerated by the UN itself.


Syed Anwar Aleemi, Advocate, Chairman of HRI, (GLOBAL) has said that our “CHARTER OF DEMANDS” is the voice of present times and the UNO is the only international body on the Earth, who can resolve the demands strictly in accordance with its basic MANIFESTO to keep the world in peace in most accurate order, whereas entire world is facing constant threats of unrest.


Syed Anwar Aleemi has said that India is playing its cruellest drama of terroristic attack through its own forces in Held Kashmir for capturing it forever without any lawful authority, the consequences of which are the most horrible. Indian constant discriminatory behaviours against Pakistan are condemnable and noticeable for the entire world.


1- Indian Government be directed to withdraw all amendments, recently made in The Constitution of India by its Legislative Bodies to make disputed Held Kashmir as its permanent part, ignoring all International laws and setting aside all Resolutions of United Nations in this regard which is an open negation of the embodiment of UN by Indian Government. Entire Held Kashmir has been converted into jail by imposing curfew in the area. Bloodshed is continued. UN is bound to deploy its Peace Forces for the maintenance of peace in the occupied Kashmir without delay. Maintenance of peace is the foremost obligation of UN world over.


2- UN should take all possible steps to resolve all issues of international nature to keep the entire world in peace and tranquillity. “Peace Forces” of UN be employed in Held Kashmir for arranging “Free and Fair plebiscite” according to its own Resolutions without further delay, after ousting barbarian Indian Army who is involved in the general massacre of innocent and enchained Indian Held Kashmir. Enough is enough. Held valley of Kashmir and its nationals have been facing open horrible war with Indian armed forces. Brutalities, barbarian activities and criminalities committed by Indian Armed Forces on armless innocent Kashmir people irrespective of gender, age and place which shall be written in blackest words in future history. Humanity is crying there now. The United Nation should perform its legal obligations in responsible manners at the possibly earliest. Enough is enough.


3- Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by United Nations since 1948 and other adopted human rights statutes should be directed to make the part and parcel of the existing constitutions of all the member states of United Nations without any further delay, without any further delay, to ensure that entire humanity is enjoying its prescribed human rights world over.


4- UN should support Pakistan and all other member states and their nationals purely on humanitarian basis so that peace and prosperity among people living on this earth planet through its monetary agencies to transform Pakistan and all other member states of UN as a “MODERN and REAL WELFARE STATES” voluntarily for the real maintenance of peace, prosperity and tranquillity within world be properly ensured. All member countries of the United Nations be also benefited by introducing most effective measures for complete elimination of poverty, education for all from lower to the highest, residence for all, health care facilities for all, prosperity for all and to arrange all possible means and measures to fulfill the above objects with due diligence at the earliest to prove its effectiveness in international affairs.


5- To work for peace, the UN is bound to take all possible steps for the elimination of terrorism by adopting all feasible strategies in all over the world with the collaboration of affected countries. All exploitative and materially powerful countries should be restricted not to involve in the issues of poor and developing countries in any possible manners. Policy of disarmament should be practised and its real implementation be also assured and the agreements between states for minimization of the madness of manufacturing nuclear weapons be properly honoured and in case some powerful countries adopt the policy of continuous disobey, those should be controlled by adopting effective measures for maintenance of peace world over by United Nations being the aim and objects of its manifesto.


6- UN through its legislation should bound that the ruling elite and their allied criminal mafias which are liable to be eliminated from any country wherever such mafias come into existence. No government of any member of state and all of its institutions through its high officials to the lowest should be free to involve in any nature of corruption, malpractices of any nature, exploitation of any kind, plundering their respective exchequers. In this regard, necessary legislation should be made through its Security Council without delay. The people of some developing countries are ruthlessly controlled by its states through police forces, intelligence agencies and their touts, who have been deputed in streets and bazaars well equipped with modern spy tools along with arms and ammunition. In countries like Pakistan, India, African countries and Afghanistan etc are especially to be observed by the UN and take all possible measures for the eradication of such mode of ruthless treatment by such governments. In this regard all states and their banks and monetary agencies should be bound to pay entire plundered money back to the affected countries in respect of this mere score that much money has been laundered criminally from one country to any other country as can easily be concluded after proper legal investigation by one state’s secret agencies or by other intelligence agencies of international stature. It is demanded that effective legislation is introduced by UN legislative bodies on an emergency basis.


7- All sovereign states are free to have its relationships with other countries to promote their economies and mutual expansion of industrialization world over and no other country of any stature should be allowed to interfere in any manners as some anti-human powers are playing criminal tactics in the process of evolution of such relationships between states. I feel no hesitation to express that some states are directly involved to sabotage Pakistan for having friendly relationships with her neighbouring countries through their ulterior criminal actions which are condemnable and should be rectified through worldly affective UN bodies on an emergent basis.


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