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If the government did not mend its ways and listen to the people, time would go out its hands

Lahore, July 14, 2019 (PPI-OT): Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that if the government did not mend its ways and listen to the people, time would go out its hands. He was talking to the media after addressing the concluding session of the five day JI workshop for party workers at Mansoora.


Sirajul Haq said that at present, the masses were only staging protest but if the rulers did not see reason, the furious crowds could march to their palaces and besiege them. He said that the arrogance of the rulers was pushing the people towards protest and their voice could not be suppressed by placing curbs on the media and harassing the anchors. He said that when a government started to strangulate the media, its downfall would begin.


He said that playing cricket and governing the country were two different things and the government had crumbled within one year. He said that the Prime Minister was not aware of the gravity of the situation and was taking decisions only on here-say due to which everything was left half-way. He said that the JI was the only party that was playing the role of real opposition.


The JI chief said that instead of listening to the cries of the oppressed masses, the rulers were laughing at them. The princes residing in Islamabad were no aware that the people were unable to make both ends meet. The government had promised to create ten million jobs but till now it had snatched the jobs of five lakh people. Similarly, the government had promised to build five million houses but thousands of people had been deprived of their homes.


He said it was due to incompetence of the government that an International court had imposed a heavy fine on Pakistan in the Reko Dig case. He said that if the government had hired competent advocates to handle the case, the situation would have been different. The JI chief said that the government was patronizing the mafias by increasing the prices of sugar, cement and medicines. He said that those who had voted and supported the PTI were worried now as the government policies were a 120 per cent failure.


Sirajul Haq said the government had become nervous over the complete shut down by the traders and was saying that political parties were behind the strike. He said that this impression was wrong as it was shut down by the traders and not the political parties. He said that even businessmen who had voted for the PTI with great expectations, were in the forefront of the shut down.


Referring to the issue of NAB court judge Arshad Malik, he said this was the issue of the entire judiciary and not a single judge and must be resolved at the earliest. He said that if the peoples’ faith in the judiciary was hurt, the result would be anarchy. He said that the JI would stage another Awami march in Rawalpindi on July 19, at which he would give his line of action for pulling the country out of the economic crisis.


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