How to get Admission to CUST for BS English in spring 2023?

Islamabad, November 22, 2022 (PPI-OT):BS English is a gateway to getting confidence, clarity, and precision with the world-known language. As a language, English is a well-developed tool of communication throughout the globe. It is the largest spoken language in the world. It is estimated that 1132 million people speak English. Therefore, it is rightly emphasised to learn English professionally. Career growth expands massively if you have a professional degree in English. Therefore, getting admission to CUST for BS English can be your best decision in 2023.

Eligibility Criteria for BS English

CUST outlines the criteria for BS English in accordance with the guidelines from the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan. The students who passed their intermediate are eligible to apply for the BS English program at Capital University of Science and Technology (CUST). However, further requirements are explained below.

Students having secured 45% at the intermediate level are eligible to apply.

CUST Admission test/ NTS test/HEC test.

Subjects included in BS English

BS English is a four-year degree program. During this tenure, students will have an opportunity to learn general courses, foundation courses, major courses, elective courses, and other essential courses to equip students with accomplishing a grip on the English language.

Linguistics, Semantics, English Phonetics and Phonology, Morphology, Literary Forms and Movements, English Literature, Stylistics, and Syntax are covered as the foundation courses. Furthermore, Drama, Novel, Poetry, Linguistics, Translation, Corpus, Linguistics, Pakistani Literature, Research Methods, Post-Colonial Literature, Critical Discourse Analysis, and Literary Prose are taught to students in BS English at CUST as major courses.

Students can choose the subjects as electives from Postmodern Fiction, Short Fictional Narratives, Research Articles, Women Writing Introductions, Continental Literature, Creative Non-fiction, Forensic linguistics, Pedagogical grammar, language testing and assessment, with language and education and English for a specific purpose.

Benefits of Studying BS English

Studying the English language in your undergraduate program for four years will make you able to stand part of the crowd. You will learn in-depth language principles, pronunciation patterns, and the skill that will enable you to read, write and speak effortlessly if you practice speaking on a regular basis.

You can enjoy numerous benefits after studying BS English from CUST. You can communicate with the entire world through any medium. You can talk to anyone who is a foreigner to you. You can write to people who are sitting on another continent. You can listen to and understand the news in the international sphere.

You can start your career right after completing a BS in English. Also, you can continue your studies further and do MS in English, later MPhil, and PhD.

Scope after Completing BS English

The scope after completing a four-year degree in English- BS English. You can either be in a teaching profession, writing profession, marketing profession, or in the work of journalism. More appropriately, you can have the following career options available for you.

Teaching at School, College, or University Level

Students can have a magnanimous opportunity to join the profession of dignity and honour teaching! You can enjoy enormous job opportunities to apply as a subject specialist, teacher, lecturer, or assistant lecturer and get promotion chances on the positions of assistant professor, associate professor, and professor that could also be the head of the department in the later years.

Writing Profession

Another option is to become a professional writer. Nowadays, writers are the most in demand due to the rise of the internet, websites, social media, and digital marketing on the national and international markets. You can be anything, from a junior content writer to a senior content writer or content manager, later in your writing career. Moreover, in the same scenario, you can initiate your blog as per your interest. You can either be an online magazine writer, journalist, or story writer in an independent capacity.

In other capacities, you can also become a digital copywriter, marketer (with some marketing courses), publisher, and social media manager in combination with relevant courses. However, with your BS in English, you can also work in the human resource, finance, and law fields in drafting sections.

Freelance Work Market

With BS English, your communication in English becomes breezy for you. You can ace your communication skills with your English. Be it your writing, speaking, or understanding the flow of native English speakers. Suppose you are interested in working as a freelancer in any position. In that case, you are the ideal candidate for doing so just with proper, in-depth, and practical usage of BS English.

Hobbies you can pursue with BS English

Those people who love to read must get admission to BS English. The power, essence, and endurance the degree can awake in you are skilled. You can pursue book reading, newspaper reading, keeping yourself updated with the latest trends throughout the globe and also can make friends as your pen-friends, net friends with the power of skill you will develop in language.

Admissions for BS English are Open

Are you ready to start your dream career after pursuing your degree in prestigious BS English? You can get yourself enrolled in BS English at CUST. The admissions are open for spring intake 2023. You will enjoy the following benefits if you study at CUST.

Benefits of Studying in CUST

Let us have a look at some of the most powerful benefits of studying at CUST in BS English.

At CUST, the department of English is blessed with highly qualified faculty.

You can enjoy multiple scholarship opportunities while you study at CUST

You will get a chance to learn in a virtual learning environment

The campus of CUST is the most extensive eco-friendly campus in Pakistan as it is solar-powered.

The student life at CUST is full of curricular and extracurricular activities. You can also learn through the campus’s digital library and other facilities.

Student safety is ensured on all levels at CUST.

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