Growers face huge losses as sugarcane crushing goes delayed: Altaf Shakoor

Karachi, December 06, 2018 (PPI-OT): Pasban Democratic Party President Altaf Shakoor here Thursday said sugarcane growers are suffering huge losses as the vested interests this year also have delayed the sugarcane crushing season, while provincial government is not taking any action to save the growers from financial woes.

In a statement here, he said the provincial government of Sindh always turns blind and deaf when it is the matter of rights of growers of this province. He said for last several years, crushing season of sugarcane has been delayed in Sindh on one pretext or other. He said the growers face immense loss as their standing crops dry up and lose weight while the sugar miller mafia enjoys huge benefits as they get more sugar content in sugarcane that is now lighter in weight.

Altaf Shakoor said many sugarcane growers in Sindh are burning their crop because the crushing season goes delayed and they do not get proper rates for their produce. He said the sugar miller mafia enjoy impunity be it the government of PPP, PML-N or the PTI, while the poor growers go always at the receiving end. He said same Waderas and feudal lords are also present in the PTI regime, and the dream of bringing a ‘change’ in Pakistan has already turned sour.

He said every government serves the interests of sugar miller mafia, by giving them huge subsidies at the cost of taxpayers’ money and also allowing them liberal export of sugar. He said sugar millers every year mint billions of rupees at the cost of cruel exploitation of sugarcane growers. He said sugar millers every year torment and blackmail growers, buy sugarcane from them at low rates and also did not pay their dues on time. He said growers are now thinking to switch to other crops. He said unless the sugarcane growers harvest their standing crops why cannot sow the next crop and hence suffer a double loss. He said it is an open secret who owns majority of sugar mills in Sindh, and who get subsidies of billions of rupees from the government besides sucking blood of poor sugarcane growers.

Altaf Shakoor the wrong policies of the provincial government of Sindh has already devastated garniture sector in the province. He said not only sugarcane growers, but the growers of wheat, paddy and other crops also face same dilemma every year, due to the apathy of the government. He said the government instead of taking care of the interest of sugarcane has become sympathetic to the millers. He said the office of Sindh Cane Commissioner should play its due role and save the growers from this exploitation.

He said if the government failed to resolve the problems of sugarcane growers and the crushing season was further delayed, in the coming years a huge crisis of sugarcane would surface, as the desperate growers would ditch sugarcane and opt for better cash crops

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