Govt. must establish implementation mechanism around protection of women against violence act 2016 in Punjab

Faisalabad, September 17, 2019 (PPI-OT): The human rights institutions specifically National Commission on Human Rights (NCHR) and National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW) and their respective provincial chapters are seeking the attentions of government for ensuring efficient and seamless services. The escalation of violent events towards women and girls demonstrating the negligence of government to ensure the protection of women rights as only in district Faisalabad 456 cases of violence against women were reported in different police stations. The law enforcers were assailed for turning their deaf ear towards the grumbles consequently encouraging the band of perpetrators, for trampling the laws, in a media brief arranged by the association of women for awareness and motivation. The panellists included Nazia Sardar, Amna Eshsan, Shazia George, Aysha Advocate and Naseem Anthony.


Executive Director AWAM, Nazia Sardar said, “despite pro-women legislation women still facing violence as in first seven months of 2019, 456 cases were recorded in different police stations of Faisalabad.” “The highest ratio of kidnapping was noticed as from January-July 2019 total 151 cases were filed,” she revealed. She further added, “43 women were raped, 5 were gang raped, 13 were killed for the sake of honour, and 25 women faced sexual harassment in different forms.” She suggested, “Laws need unfailing efforts to be implemented by law enforcers in order to influence the alarming ratio of violence against women.”


Naseem Anthony director program AWAM said, “the women folk still struggling for the recognition of their equal status as a citizen as the constitution of Pakistan 1973 in its article 25 clearly define it.” “Pakistan is party to convention of the elimination of all forms of violence against women – CEDAW thus under obligation to ensure the equality of opportunities and participation in public life,” he declared.


Shazia George former member of Punjab Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW) said, “Despite the legal frameworks and human rights institutions the ratio of crimes against women elevated, exposed the weak implementation machinery and dysfunctionality of human rights institutions.” She demanded, “Strong political will and commitment of law enforcers to implement the pro-women legislation in letter and spirit is imperative.”


Advocate High Court Aysha Rafique shared, “since the women are protected legally from domestic violence yet still seeking the attention of law enforcers to be realized in a practical manner.” She further exposed, “the government has established the violence against women centre in Multan and further pledged to establish in all districts but this is proved only a verbal service.” She demanded, “The duty bearers must realize their due role to respect and protect the rights and establish redressal mechanisms at district level.”


Amna Ehsan representative of PGGA Faisalabad shared, “implementation of law is concerned with the familiarity of law thus the government must pay focus to advertise and publicize the pro-women legislation at grassroot level.” She further demanded, “The government must allocate special funds for the awareness sessions and media should also extend their support to educate the concerned stakeholders about the redressal mechanisms.”


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