Give highest civil award to Iranian president, suggests Altaf Shakoor

Karachi, August 25, 2019 (PPI-OT): The insensitive Arab rulers have given a civil award to the butcher of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, despite his atrocities in the occupied Kashmir, and to mock and shame them the Pakistani government should bestow the highest civil award to the Iranian president, said Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Altaf Shakoor here Sunday. In a statement, he said the pathetic attitude of the Arab rulers towards the plights of innocent Kashmiris has disappointed the Muslim world, particularly Pakistanis and Kashmiri masses.

He said as compared to this listless attitude of Arab leaders, the statement of the Iranian government on the Kashmir issue are bold and courageous and the Pakistan government should confer the highest civil award on the Iranian President. Altaf Shakoor said the genocide of the innocent Kashmiris at the hands of Indian occupation army has once again exposed the ugly face on so-called Indian democracy, but sadly the world champions of human rights are silent over this grave human tragedy.

He asked if the human rights only belong to the non-Muslim people and the Muslim population does not possess any fundamental human rights. He asked what the role of the global organizations like the United Nations to stop mayhem in the occupied Kashmir is. He said three weeks have already passed of curfew in the occupied Kashmir. He said people are without food, children without milk and ailing people without medicines in the occupied Kashmir, but no world power dares to challenge the anti-human atrocities of the Indian occupation army.

He said a complete ban on media and communication in the occupied Kashmir is violation of the United Nations rules, but India is not being punished for this crime. He said the government of Pakistan is issuing statements on the Kashmir issue, but it has still failed to give a befitting reply to India. He said the lack of political unity and stability in Pakistan has weakened the voice of our government at international level. He asked to take all opposition parties on board over the vital issue of Kashmir.

He said the people of Pakistan are very much troubled by the mayhem in Kashmir and now it is the responsibility of the government to channelize this anger to show the world how much the people in Pakistan are concerned about the Kashmir issue. Altaf Shakoor said with a weak economy and lack of political stability Pakistan can no longer met grave challenges. It is high time to focus on economy and political stability in our own country, as without putting our own house in order, how we could think to play a bigger and decisive role at regional and international level, he concluded.

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