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Federal government should bring the issue of terrorism in the country under discussion in the Parliament immediately: Shazia Atta Marri

Islamabad, January 20, 2022 (PPI-OT):Central Information Secretary of Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians and the member of the National Assembly Shazia Atta Marri has said that increasing attacks of terrorism in the country is a sign of great danger and federal government should bring this issue under discussion in Parliament immediately. Present PTI’s government is not giving a chance to the opposition parties to speak on the issues that are being faced by the people in the parliament and the way, the proceedings of the National Assembly are carried out is highly regrettable.

Shazia Marri said that National Security Policy could not be supported or opposed until it would be presented in the National Assembly and such policies wouldn’t be made in a closed room and government should take all the stakeholders into the confidence in this matter. She said that PPP will hold a long march across the country against the incompetent government of Imran Khan and his worst economic and anti-people policies on 27th of February which will shake the foundation of incompetent government of Imran Khan while Prime Minister Imran Khan along with his cabinet has failed to govern and he is an inexperienced politician while country never runs on experiments and Pakistan had suffered badly due to such experiments. It’s time to ousted the incompetent PTI’s government.

This she said while holding a press conference at Islamabad heron today. Ms Marri said that the constitution of 1973 was passed with the consensus of all parties and the initiating debate on the presidential system is ridiculous act and there is no place in the constitution of the presidential system and even no one would be allowed to experiment on it. If anyone has interest then they must consult with the Parliament and to bring it under the discussion of the parliament and now such dramas of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf would not work.

She added that Pakistan had been suffered a lot due to four presidents in uniform and the three generations of the country were suffered due to the consequences of worst policies of dictator Zia ul Haq in the past. She further said that increasing fuel adjustment is a burden on the people and if anything that has become cheaper in this country, that is the depreciation of Pakistani rupee only and the farmers are facing serious problems like unavailability of urea fertilizer in the country and they are crying over the anti-farmer policies of the PTI’s government while a bag of urea fertilizer is being sold at 3200 to 3500 in the black market and federal government is not providing any relief to the farmers.

She informed that Pakistan Peoples Party will hold a farmers’ rally from Sahiwal district tomorrow against the anti-farmer policies of the federal government and PPP also raised this issue in the National Assembly but government’s response was very ridiculous. We seen the report of Murree incident was circulating on social media and we have rejected the government’s report on Murree incident while PPP had demanded the judicial inquiry of Murree tragedy.

Shazia Marri said that PPP has strongly condemned the recent terrorist attack on Lahore and demanded from the government to take stern actions against the involved elements. She added that PPP faced direct terrorist attacks and heavily affected by it but we stand firm against terrorism in the country. Chairman PPP has a clear stance over the terrorism and extremism that terrorism should be rooted out from the country. She said that PTI government should take stern actions against the terrorism and extremism and should bring this issue under discussion with political parties in the parliament.

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