EU provides over Euros 20 million for vulnerable families in Palestine

Jerusalem The European Union and Ireland made a contribution of over 20 million euros to the Palestinian Authority payment of social allowances to vulnerable families in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Palestinian news agency WAFA reported quoting an EU statement.

The contribution will go through the Ministry of Social Development’s Cash Transfer Program responsible for the provision of basic social protection to the most vulnerable families in the West Bank and Gaza. The social allowances are paid on a quarterly basis to some 108,000 vulnerable families.

The EU’s contribution of Euros 20 million and Ireland’s Euros 275,000 will cover the social allowances of around 76,700 families of which 77 percent live in the Gaza Strip, according to the statement.

Representative of Ireland Jonathan Conlon said: “Support for the Palestinian Authority (PA) Ministry of Social Development Cash Transfer Program is a part of Ireland’s ongoing efforts to improve life for the most vulnerable in Gaza. As has long been recognized, the closure of the Gaza Strip has created an untenable situation and the people of Gaza deserve better.”

“Through our programming and our political dialogues, Ireland seeks to offer hope to people living there and to bring about a sustainable improvement in living conditions,” he added.

Deputy EU Representative Tomas Niklasson said that the “EU and Member States remain committed to supporting Palestinians in accessing basic needs to guarantee a fair and dignified life for every Palestinian family. Following the financial crisis faced by the PA, this is the very much awaited first contribution in 2019. A protected and empowered Palestinian society is a key element in building the future Palestinian State.”

Source: International Islamic News Agency