Education no longer an option but an imperative in the global technological context, Dr. Burfat

Jamshoro, January 10, 2019 (PPI-OT): As a part of his tireless efforts to enhance quality of teaching-learning practice at the campus VC-SU Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat continued his visits to various teaching departments of the varsity to monitor the ongoing academic interaction in person. Afresh, he visited Institute of English Language and Literature with the same objective in view.

In his reflections expressed on the occasion Dr. Burfat said that the education was no longer an option but it rather was a necessity in the global context of technological advancements. He said that the calibre and morale of SU teachers was unquestionable and that the teachers were putting their best efforts to impart knowledge.

“All departments/ institutes of the university are essential and important but the significance, scope and mandate of Institute of English Language and Literature is rather higher as English has become virtually a medium of international interface, trade, commerce, communication, technology, social media, print and electronic outlets, politics, diplomacy, economics and other walks of life”, Dr. Burfat emphasized.

Dr. Burfat also explained that education alone in its right was not enough, adding that it was also necessary that the education being imparted must match the internationally established standards. Dr. Burfat said that hard labor, devotion, dedication and honest approach were the pathways for future success. Dr. Rafique Ahmed Memon, Director IELL, senior faculty Dr. Farida Panhwar, SU Media Cell Incharge Dr. Ghulam Ali Buriro and other teachers also accompanied the Vice-Chancellor during this visit.

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