Crime rate further declines in Lahore

An international organization Numbeo in its updated crime index has confirmed further decrease in crime rate in Lahore capital city.

According to the crime index Lahore has improved its position from 178 to 213 jumping 39 grades.

Numbeo puts major cities in crime index through observation of various indicators. The Current index updated on July 10, 2019 while last update was made public in January 2019.

At that time Lahore secured number 178 position among different cities and surpassed many major towns worldwide including Dehli, Dhaka, Washington DC, Tehran, Beijing, Paris and London.

Crime index released in 2018 showed that Lahore was number 138 in world ranking.

In a statement, the Chief of Lahore Capital Police BA Nasir expressed his satisfaction over growing better situation in Lahore by means of crime control and appreciated role of all officers and officials of Lahore Police.

He said Lahore police would multiply its efforts for further decline in crime rate.

He said that Fresh ranking of Lahore in updated crime index is no doubt an honour for all of us.

He said the rankings indicates that Lahore police is advancing towards quality policing rather than clinging to traditional ways.

He said that Lahore stood number 138 on crime index just a year back but now it improved by 75 grades which shows that the capital city of Punjab experiencing substantial improvement with passing each day.

Source: Radio Pakistan