Comrade Abbasi murder case must be reopened

Karachi, August 08, 2017 (PPI-OT):A moot organized by trade unionist’s on Tuesday to pay tribute to the revolutionary leader Comrade Nazir Abbasi on his 37th death anniversary demanded that his murder case should be reopened and the culprits responsible for taking his life should be held accountable. Comrade Abbasi, a man who till his last breath believed in communism’s revolutionary principles, was killed extra judicially while in the custody of a military intelligence unit during the regime of military dictator General Ziaul Haq on August 9, 1980.

The gathering was organized by National Trade Union Federation (NTUF) at its office as labour leaders shed light on the life and struggle of their slain comrade before a large number of labourers, home-based women workers, students, and youth who attended the event.

Speakers said that the country was facing the scourge of terrorism, poverty, and corruption because of the state and governments’ anti-people policies. They asserted that the authorities never sent Comrade Nazir’s murder for an open and fair trial and that led to worsening of the issues that the country faced.

The same state-backed practice of abducting, torturing and killing the progressive leaders who question the doings of the government and its institutions is still continuing and a most recent example of it is the forced disappearance of social activist Punhal Sario, Inam Abbasi and others allegedly at the hands of the same people who killed Comrade Nazir, they said.

They also questioned the silence of courts on this martial-law practice of so-called democratic government. The courts are powerful enough to send an elected prime minister packing on mere allegations but they cannot even listen to the woes of the people who are vulnerable at the hands of the runners of the illegal state within the state.

They stressed the need of organizing labourers, peasants, students, home-based workers and other working class to wage a struggle for their rights in factories, fields, offices and universities and said that it was inevitable to get rid of the current oppressing situation.

They vowed that the mission of Comrade Nazir will be taken forward so that the feudalistic, capitalist and fanatic system of governing should end and a real democratic system should be set in place for the people. In the real democratic system, people will have all their rights to life, free speech, employment and others.

The moot unanimously demanded that the murder case of Comrade Nazir be reopened, the practice of forced abductions and extrajudicial killings must stop, the civilian supremacy in the country should be ensured as per the Constitution, the practice of toppling the governments must end.

Those who spoke were Nasir Mansoor, Gul Rahmen from National trade union federation, Zehra Khan, Saira Feroz Home Based Women Workers Federation, Zafar Aslam, Mazdoor Kissan Party, Ali Ahmed Panhwar, Sindh Agriculture General Workers Union (CBA), Mushtaq Ali Shan, Inqilabi Adarsh Forum and Saqib Dohmki, Democratic Student Federation.

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