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Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari asks the nation to participate in the Farmer’s March on January 21 

Islamabad, January 20, 2022 (PPI-OT):Message of Chairman Bilawal Bhutto

Today I am addressing farmers across Pakistan. As you know, Pakistan’s agricultural economy has been destroyed.

In three years, this selected government has damaged the agricultural economy of Pakistan as much as it has damaged our entire economy. We believe that if the farmers are prosperous, the country is prosperous.

The agricultural economy is the backbone of our economy. If we can build the agricultural economy, the whole economy will prosper.

During the Pakistan Peoples Party era, we used to export Pakistan’s wheat, Pakistan’s rice and Pakistan’s sugar after meeting our required needs.

Today, we are importing wheat, rice and sugar. Ever since Khan Sahib’s government started, farmers have not been getting the price of their crops.

The input cost has increased so much.

Because petroleum is expensive – be it your tube well, or your tractor, Last season, our paddy crop was damaged due to lack of water. Now due to the urea crisis – the fertilizer crisis will damage our wheat crop.

We believe that our agricultural sector is a profitable business. We believe that this sector requires a lot of investment.

If we invest, arrange for the welfare of the farmer, bring the farmer the price of his crop, then the same farmer will not only be able to feed Pakistan, but he can sell his crop all over the world.

This is the call of the Pakistan Peoples Party. We are starting protests from January 21 from Larkana Division and Sahiwal Division of Punjab. We will stand with our farmer brothers and protest with them. God willing, by January 24, the protest will spread across the country.

We will hold our farmer march and tractor march in every division. We will draw attention to the farmers. We will expose this incompetent government and demand that Pakistan’s agricultural economy be saved, and Imran be ousted.

I appeal to you, support Pakistan Peoples Party. Pakistan Peoples Party has taken care of Pakistani farmers in every era, has served Pakistani farmers, and will continue to do so inshallah.

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