Chairman of the Iranian educational institutions Ayatullah Ali Raza Arafi calls on Ameer Jamaat e Islami Pakistan Senator Sirajul Haq

Lahore, February 11, 2019 (PPI-OT): The Chairman of the Iranian educational institutions Ayatullah Ali Raza Arafi, called on the Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, at Mansoora on Monday and discussed with him the situation of the Muslim world including Pak- Iran relations. The newly appointed Iranian Consul General, Muhammad Raza Nazari and Allama Niaz Naqvi, accompanied the Ayatullah.

Speaking on the occasion, Senator Siraj ul Haq said that Muslim unity and unanimity of the Muslim Ummah was the only way for the survival of the Ummah. He said that the enemy wanted to destroy the Muslims by dividing them through different biases and prejudices. However, he said, the Holy Quran repeatedly warned the believers that internal difference would weaken the Muslims and finally annihilate them.

Sirajul Haq said that oppression, injustice and bloodletting was being spread in the Muslim world and it was the duty of the Ulema to support the oppressed in every situation and unite the Ummah on common grounds. He said the current critical situation demanded that the solutions of the economic, social and moral challenges of the modern era were found out from the glorious and everlasting teachings of Islam, and added that “we would have to become a model of interest free economic system”.

Ayatullah Ali Raza Aarafi explained different academic and research projects being carried out in Iran and underlined the need for mutual cooperation and tolerance and. He said that Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Imam Khomeini and Syed Abul Ala Maudoodi, were the true spokesmen of the unity of the Muslim Ummah. JI deputy chief Hafiz Muhammad Idrees, Abdul Ghaffar Aziz, Mian Maqsood Ahmed and Hafiz Sajid Anwar, were also present.

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