‘Blue Whale’ game claims life of another teen victim in Saudi Arabia

A 13-year-old girl committed suicide in Madinah after playing the Blue Whale electronic game, after a series of similar suicides took place in several Arab countries recently.

The young girl strangled herself to death at her home. The deadly game requires players to complete 50 challenges over 50 days. The challenges begin with self harm, leading up to the final challenge, which is suicide by hanging or jumping off a high building.

A Saudi boy committed suicide on June 28 by strangling himself to death when the game is allegedly instructed him to do so. Abdul Rahman Al-Ahmari was laid to rest in his hometown of Ballahmar in Asir province. Large crowds of people, including Deputy Governor of Asir Prince Turki Bin Talal performed the funeral prayer for Al-Ahmari at Al-Rajhi Mosque before the burial. Al-Ahmari, 12, was a sixth grade student at an elementary school. He committed by suicide by hanging himself with a curtain rope in his room.

While a number of his friends confirmed that Al-Ahmari was addicted to the game that ended his life in its final challenge, his father denied that his son was playing Blue Whale game. Saad Al-Ahmari said his son was playing a Disney game named “Magic Kingdoms”, which was harmless. “I watched my son closely for two months. He never played the Blue Whale game. He was playing the Magic Kingdoms, which is not fatal,” he said.

The bereaved father told Makkah daily on Tuesday that he never noticed anything unusual in the behavior of his son except that he was a little bit nervous on the day of his death. He said he was surprised that his son would end his own life by his hands though he was a disciplined child who was good in his studies. The father said he was planning to talk to his son about the games he was playing on the family computer but “death was quicker than him”. He said the security authorities confiscated all the electronic equipment his son was using. Maj. Ziyad Dabbash, spokesman for Asir police, said the Public Prosecution office was still investigating the case. “The police have not so far decided to issue any statement about the case,” he added.

Source: International Islamic News Agency


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