Become at least a Modi, if not a bin-Qasim, Altaf Shakoor advises Imran

Karachi, September 27, 2019 (PPI-OT): Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Altaf Shakoor has advised Prime Minister Imran Khan that if cannot become a Bin-Qasim for the distressed sisters and daughters of Kashmir, he should try to at least become a Modi of Pakistan to run a government in an efficient manner.


In a statement issued here Friday, he said the Kashmiri mothers, sisters and daughters are waiting for a Muhammad bin Qasim, but there is no any bin-Qasim in sight. He asked Prime Minister to at least become a Modi if he cannot become a bin-Qasim. He said there is no doubt that Modi is a butcher and a killer, and a dictator, but at least he is utilizing all his available sources to achieve his objectives and policies, right or wrong.


He said the lukewarm response of our rulers to the core issue of Kashmir is sad and worrisome. He said the sitting government has even stopped observing ‘Kashmir hour’ thought the federal cabinet had decided to observe this hour ‘every’ Friday. He suggested the rulers to at least sustain and push on their own decisions. He said frequent U-turns have showed that the sitting regime is hopelessly weak and timidly indecisive.


Commenting on the award of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to the butcher of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, he said with this highly controversial decision this esteemed Foundation has put its respect and credibility at stake. He said there is curfew in the occupied Kashmir for last 50 days. Indian occupation army has deprived Kashmiris children of even milk and medicines.


There is a blanket communication and media blackout in Kashmir and Modi regime has been continuation a systematic genocide of Kashmiris, why the global community has shut their eyes. He said in backdrop on this worst violation of human rights in the written history of the world, the decision of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to give the modern-day Hitler Modi their coveted award is just sad and disappointing.


He said the daring resignation of Sabah Hamid from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a heroic act and it would be remembered in the history as one of the bravest decisions to support basic human rights of the most vulnerable people on earth, Kashmiris, in a world that is ruled by unilateral superpower.


Altaf Shakoor regretted that the prevailing wait-and-see policy of the present government on the most sensitive issue of Kashmir has plainly disappointed the Pakistani nation, which had expected some bold and brave decision from the weaklings sitting in the corridors of power. He urged the nation to shun and ditch these sham politicians and instead support and chose brave and patriotic representatives with nerves to take bold decisions at crucial times, and save the nation from deep disappointment and shame.


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