Academia Industry Linkage Summit at Dow University

Karachi, May 07, 2018 (PPI-OT): Pakistan’s renowned industrialist and education specialist said that our country is rich in man power and human resources. Pakistan could be turned into a prosperous country by making this untrained workforce into skilled and capable to be competent among others. The lack of connection between the universities and industries has left our youth wander unemployed despite of having their educational degrees.

Keeping in view the industry perspectives and industry progress needs, universities should devise the research subject matters which will not only lead to a strong knowledge-based economy but it will also bring a healthy change in society. He quoted these words in his addressing speech on 1st Annual Academia Industry Linkage Week at Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan Auditorium. The event was held at Dow University of Health Sciences Ojha Campus in collaboration with Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan and Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FPCCI).

While speaking to the audience as the Chief Guest, Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan said that Pakistan is practicing no proper inter-relation among academia and the industry. This is the first time that this linkage is being built; none can be a hurdle towards the progress and development of the country as academia and industry together can lead us to the right road of success.

He further added that without wasting a single second, we should increase the industrial human resource which can only be fulfilled by the universities providing skilled, competent and qualified workforce. This is really unfortunate for us that women and children are starving to death under the mountainous areas in Balochistan which is the richest of all minerals. These minerals can be dug out and could be used in any possible manner in order to save the lives of the innocent population of the country starving to death and this can only be done when the academia and our industry join hands with each other and stay linked.

The vice president of Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FPCCI) Zahid Saeed, Vice Chancellor of Dow University of Health Sciences Prof. Dr. Mohammad Saeed Quraishi, Regional Director of Sindh Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan Engr. Javed Memon, Pro Vice Chancellor of Dow University Dr. Zarnaz Wahid, Abdul Qayyum, Hussain Aziz, Rao Shakeel Ahmed, Dr. Shokat Ali and Iqtidar Siddiqi also addressed the gathering on this occasion. The event was attended by the Pro Vice Chancellor of Dow University of Health Sciences Prof. Dr. Khawar Saeed Jamali and Prof. Mohammad Masroor, the registrar Prof. Amanullah Abbasi along with a huge crowd of students and faculty members.

Pakistan achieves 13 Million bales of cotton crop production which costs up to 13 Million US Dollars approximately to export it abroad; whereas country like Bangladesh where there is not even a single gram cotton production, processes the cotton imported from Pakistan and sells it up to 28 Billion US Dollars. This is the actual gap which will be filled up by the industry perspective research work presented by the universities.

He further said that the university graduates needs to be trained from zero in pharmaceutical industries. Without particular devised changes in the curricula, the universities would not be able to provide skilled workforce for industries. If our pharmacists be given knowledge of international regulations then we would be able to export to the European countries the medicines produced from our own raw materials.

The Vice Chancellor of Dow University of Health Sciences Prof. Dr. Saeed Quraishi said that science based projects can play a vital role in the improvement of industries. Dow University in association with the Higher Education Commission Pakistan is establishing a Business Incubation Center. BIC would prove to be an important milestone in the triangle of academia and industry to provide basic and allied facilities for researchers and young entrepreneurs who are interested in developing early-stage business ventures. Academia Industry Linkage has been initiated by us and it will flourish in the years to come.

Bilal Ahmad, the representative of FBCCI said that Pakistan has a capital market of 104 Billion while there is a 2.5 Dollars increase in our needs per year. There are 2.5 Crore children who don’t go to schools while 25 lacs women die of different diseases every year. Such issues should not only be resolved by the government, instead, we all are responsible in contributing our part towards it.

The Regional Director HEC, engr. Javed Memon said that HEC is providing funds to promote the academia industry linkage and for this purpose HEC is supporting the establishment of Business Incubation Centre’s (BIC) in public sector universities such as Dow University of Health Sciences.

Prof. Dr. Zarnaz Wahid, the pro vice Chancellor of Dow University of Health Sciences said that the academia industry linkage week would be ended with the presentation of the prototypes, research work and industrial projects on 12th May 2018 at Ojha Campus, Dow University. These projects are created by our university students, who have been trained in the teacher’s supervision, will also signed a MoU for research activities between Dow University with Medics Laboratories and Nova-care representatives, registrar Prof. Amanullah Abbasi signed on MoU for Dow University at the end of the ceremony.

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