The Pakistan news industry is considered as the competitive one all across the world, and making a name in it is also a difficult task, but that is not the case for “Pakistan News Release” as it has succeeded in it and now it is one of the leading online news websites of Pakistan. Behind this news website, there are different teams, which equally contribute to make our readers get aware of all the events around them. The website carries out a clear track record and that got possible only because of our clear strategy of not getting any sort of influence by any pressure group or political stance. That strategy benefits us in many ways, such as avoiding publishing any sort of news that is prejudice against or for any specific group, community, and cast. The website also owns a highly advanced archiving system, which is for our readers to take out any backdated news with comfort. The website consists of news from organizations such as the Press Information Department, Provincial Information Department, Chambers of Commerce, and Karachi Stock Exchange. The website also offers the facility of translating Press releases in Urdu and regional languages.

The trust of people within the country and out of the country on our news website is a clear indication that we are the reliable source of publishing news that is authentic. That sort of trust was not easy to get if we would opt for a wrong path to follow at the beginning of our career in the news industry and that right path was determined by the norms of journalism. Sticking to the teachings of journalism is also the reason for getting higher ratings for which many online news websites opt for the wrong ways. The online news website has nothing to do with generating the highest amount of revenue as it is not what the teachings of journalism require it for and for that we crusade for in the news industry.

This website is as famous in the corporate sector as it is among the masses, and the reason behind its popularity in the corporate sector is our track record to keep supporting small businesses to get recognized internationally and many websites have done it by availing our press releasing services. As our readers are from all across the world, so that is the attribute of our news website, businesses can leverage and get them into their loyal customers.

Whatever you have in your mind about our news website, share it with us on all the social media platforms and help us in providing you the quality news from all the sectors. Our social media team has succeeded in marking our strong presence all across the social media platforms, which also shows our devotion to give value to our readers. You can also avail services of our news website such as daily email news alerts and RSS News Feeds.

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