Corre Energy Expands Project Operations to North America

NEW YORK, Jan. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Incentives for Energy Storage Projects in the US and Canada Offer a Unique Opportunity to Accelerate Decarbonization of North American Power Generation.

Corre Energy B.V. has expanded its energy storage project development operations into the United States and Canada. Corre Energy US Development Company LLC, a subsidiary of Corre Energy B.V., has been formally launched to source and develop utility-scale compressed air energy storage (CAES) projects across North America.

CAES is a commercially proven technology that can use renewable energy to compress air into underground salt caverns when power demand and prices are low. This energy is later released to the grid to increase supply when demand and prices are higher, enhancing the stability, reliability, and security of the network. When combustion of green hydrogen is included as part of the CAES plant’s technical design, the electricity it supplies has a zero-carbon footprint.

The US Department of Energy ranks CAES1 as the lowest cost long duration energy storage technology. The relatively inexpensive nature of the physical hedge provided to Corre Energy’s customers allows them to ‘time shift’ the variable energy they produce and enhance the profitability of their renewable assets. In this way, CAES facilities can support the more rapid deployment of renewable generation assets across North America, accelerating the decarbonization of the generation fleet.

In return for allowing renewable generators to store energy in its CAES plants and discharge that energy when its value is highest, Corre Energy will typically charge a set fee and share in the upside revenue earned by its customers, under what is termed an “offtake agreement.”

Keith McGrane, Chief Executive Officer of Corre Energy, commented: “Last month we signed binding commercial terms for a 15-year offtake agreement with Eneco, a leading renewable energy supplier in the Netherlands, for the entire multi-day storage capacity of ZW1, our 320-megawatt project. That agreement confirms the attractiveness of our business model and will support development of a project portfolio in North America.” McGrane added: “As the market leader for long duration energy storage projects in Europe, we look forward to transferring our knowhow into the US and Canada. Our North American operations will also provide opportunities for investors mainly focused on the North American market to participate in financing the debt and equity requirements of our North American subsidiary and its CAES projects.”

Chet Lyons, a pioneer in the energy storage industry, has been named president of Corre Energy US Development Company LLC. Lyons played an instrumental role in developing and commercializing merchant-based energy storage projects to perform frequency regulation ancillary services in the United States, Canada, and globally.

Lyons commented: “The success of Corre Energy B.V. in Europe and new once-in-a-generation government incentives for long duration energy storage projects in both the US and Canada make this the perfect time to build our North American project portfolio.” Lyons added: “Investment Tax Credits of 30 to 40 percent of total project costs and Production Tax Credits for the use of hydrogen will have a beneficial impact on project economics and can make our projects carbon free, enabling us to play a key role in the decarbonization of North American power generation.”

1 R. Baxter, et. al., “2022 Grid Energy Storage Technology Cost and Performance Assessment,” US Department of Energy, Technical Report Publication No. PNNL 33283, August 2022.

About Corre Energy
Corre Energy B.V. is headquartered in the Netherlands and listed on the Euronext Growth Exchange in Dublin (CORRE). Corre Energy designs, develops, constructs, and operates utility-scale Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES) projects in Europe and is developing a project pipeline in North America. Through our project development activities, Corre Energy is working to accelerate the global transition to net zero, while enhancing the security and flexibility of large-scale energy systems.

In North America, project development is done by Corre Energy US Development Company LLC, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

For further information please contact:

European operations:

North American operations:
Chet Lyons, President
Corre Energy US Development Company LLC
M: 978-930-0760

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Disposable Vaping Devices Wreak Havoc On Our Global Ecosystem

Pure Labs Urges Government Entities to Put an End to This Major Source of Environmental Pollution & Youth Vaping

Disposable Vape Waste

Heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and residual nicotine from littered disposable vape devices leach into our soil and pollute our ecosystem and wildlife.

TAMPA, Fla., Jan. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Not only are disposable vaping devices fueling the world’s ongoing youth vaping epidemic, these single-use plastic e-cigarettes are responsible for the growing, exorbitant amount of toxic waste plaguing our earth. As if it isn’t harmful enough that disposable vape products are purposely targeting our youth with brightly colored packaging, eye-catching branding, and appealing fruit & dessert flavors; the plastics, heavy metals, and lithium batteries that these devices are comprised of are now a leading source of environmental pollution.

Similar to what we’ve seen with combustible cigarette butts, littered disposable vaping devices are now a major source of contamination to our ecosystem, on a worldwide scale. The issue is not just the non-decomposable plastic casings we see scattered in the streets, on beaches, and in parks far too often. Disposable vaping devices also leach hazardous waste from their lithium batteries and heavy metals from their circuitry systems. The moment these toxic materials penetrate our environment, the corruption of our ecosystem and our wildlife begins. In addition to the harmful and toxic chemicals found in lithium batteries, these types of batteries are known to explode or start fires if disposed of improperly. Not to mention the illegal child labor associated with up to 30% of cobalt mining facilities responsible for sourcing the material used in lithium-ion batteries.

With disposable devices being the preferred method of vaping among our youth, it is no mystery why we are seeing as much e-cigarette pollution as we are today. A standard disposable vape pen only holds enough E-liquid to last a few days, causing the average user to cycle through approximately 2 to 3 devices per week. That’s a lot of waste! Every day, respective Customs entities are seeing thousands of palettes of these disposable vape devices enter from China. If we want to take action and do our part to mitigate the global environmental pollution crisis and the undeniable youth vaping epidemic, we need to stop the infection at its root – put an end to Chinese disposable vaping devices.

About Pure Laboratories

Operating since 2009, Pure Laboratories (Pure Labs) is a Veteran-Owned state-of-the-art 110,000-sq. ft. manufacturing and distribution facility located in Gainesville, Florida. Nicopure Labs, a subsidiary of Pure Labs, is an industry leading manufacturer of American-Made tobacco and menthol E-liquid products. Nicopure Labs is best known for its award-winning E-liquid and hardware brand, Halo. With a 10,000-sq. ft. cleanroom, Pure Labs is synonymous with quality manufacturing. Pure Labs’ corporate headquarters are based in Tampa Florida, with additional operations located in Europe.

For additional information about carrying Halo’s premium American-made e-liquid and innovative line of vaporizer devices, please email Halo’s principal distribution partner, Syndicate Distribution at

For additional information on Pure Laboratories’ full capabilities visit

For media inquiries, please email

Samantha Knight
Pure Labs

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Crurated Raises $7.2 MM to Further Innovate Blockchain-Based Wine Community and Expand Market Reach

After another successful year the company will also begin to partner with wine producers beyond France and Italy

Crurated Connects Connoisseurs with World-Class Producers

Crurated Raises $7.2 MM to Further Innovate Blockchain-Based Wine Community and Expand Market ReachAfter another successful year the company will also begin to partner with wine producers beyond France and Italy

LONDON, Jan. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  Crurated, the London-based membership wine community designed to connect connoisseurs with world-class producers, today announced that the company has raised $7.2 MM from a group of private investors. The money will be used to further evolve the technology platform, expand producer partnerships beyond France and Italy, and increase overall market share across the globe.

“The past year has been both innovative and successful for our entire team and the producers we’ve partnered with,” said Alfonso de Gaetano, founder of Crurated. “In addition to becoming the first wine community to offer fractional barrel sales backed by NFT technology, we signed an exclusive distribution deal with Charles Lachaux, grew our roster of producers to more than 60, and have attracted a younger demographic of oenophiles onto the platform.”

Crurated Wine Bottles With NFC RFID

Crurated is the first wine community to offer fractional barrel sales backed by NFT technology

Crurated reports that 70% of its member base is below the age of 45. With 35% of those members under the age of 35, younger than the majority of wine buyers which skews at 45+. The team believes that Crurated’s direct partnerships with the world’s top wine producers, innovative approach to how wine is purchased on the platform — traditional lot purchases/auctions and fractional barrel sales — as well as the use of NFTs to validate a wine’s authenticity is helping to increase the interest in wine with a younger demographic.

In addition, revenues were up 214% in the first half of year two vs. the first half of year one. Membership grew by 180% in the first half of year 2 vs. the first half of year 1 and is up 400% year to date.

About Crurated
Launched in 2021 with an emphasis on France and Italy, Crurated is a membership-based wine community designed to connect connoisseurs with world-class producers. A team of specialists provides personalized services and authentic experiences, while Crurated’s seamless logistics service guarantees quality and provenance thanks to secure wine cellar storage and innovative blockchain technology. For more on Crurated, visit

PR Contact
Michael Volpatt

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Boyden Welcomes New Team in Turkey

Ergene Consulting merges with Boyden in Turkey; Murat Ergene and İbrahim Paksoy, market leaders in executive search and HR advisory named as the Managing Partners

Ibrahim Paksoy

Ibrahim Paksoy, Managing Partner, Boyden Turkey

ISTANBUL, Turkey, Jan. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Boyden, a premier leadership and talent advisory firm with more than 70 offices in over 45 countries, is delighted to announce the arrival of a new leadership team in Turkey, Murat Ergene and Ibrahim Paksoy.

“We are delighted to join Boyden, a firm we have known very closely,” said Murat Ergene Managing Partner, Country Leader Boyden Turkey. “Our local strength, combined with Boyden’s global synergy and capabilities will provide valuable services to clients in Turkey and worldwide. Our differentiating strength has always been the wide range of business domain expertise of our consultants who held multinational executive management roles at leading companies. We pride ourselves in our agility to meet the changing demands of our customers such as the impact of digital advancements and technology. Our aim is to exceed clients’ expectations by delivering services at a global level through collaborative efforts with our colleagues worldwide.”

Murat Ergene

Murat Ergene, Managing Partner, Boyden Turkey

Ibrahim Paksoy, Managing Partner, Boyden Turkey, adds, “I am delighted to join a global team of leadership consultants, which will strengthen our capabilities in both executive search and leadership consulting services.”

Murat Ergene is a well-known executive search and human resources expert, collaborating with C-suite leaders to identify high performers and improve team effectiveness. He identifies senior executives and board members for organisations across a range of sectors, and provides expertise in HR consulting. He is a partner in one of the most comprehensive people analytics technology solutions providers in the market. He is the founder of Ergene Consulting, a market-leading consulting firm and held human resources leadership roles in FMCG, Retail and Finance sectors at industry-leading firms such as Unilever, Carrefour and Garanti Bank BBVA. He started his career in the sales division at Unilever. Murat holds a Bachelor’s degree in political science and international relations from Boğaziçi University and a Master’s degree in HR Management.

İbrahim Paksoy leverages more than 25 years’ experience in executive management, providing executive search services to clients across a range of industries. He is a partner in one of the most comprehensive people analytics technology solutions providers in the market. He was previously partner in Ergene Consulting, and held executive management roles in Real Estate and Banking sectors at industry-leading institutions in Turkey, Germany, Russia, Netherlands, Romania and The United Arab Emirates. He started his career in Audit and Business Advisory division at Arthur Andersen. İbrahim holds a Master’s degree in finance from Koç University, and a Bachelor’s degree in economics from Marmara University.

About Boyden

Boyden is a premier leadership and talent advisory firm with more than 70 offices in over 45 countries. Our global reach enables us to serve client needs anywhere they conduct business. We connect great companies with great leaders through executive search, interim management and leadership consulting solutions. Boyden is ranked amongst the top companies on Forbes’ Americas Best Executive Recruiting Firms for 2021. For further information, visit


Chris Swee, Boyden New York
Chief Marketing Officer
T: +1 914 747 0172

Infographics accompanying this announcement are available at:

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Pre-Entry Test-2023 of Second Phase held 

Khairpur, January 17, 2023 (PPI-OT):The Pre-Entry Test-2023 of Second Phase for admissions in various Institutes and Department for Bachelor and B.S Part-III Programs was held at Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur Main Campus and Ghotki Campus. Prof. Dr. Khalil Ahmed Ibupoto, Vice Chancellor visited the venue of the test.

While talking to the appearing candidates, Prof. Dr. Khalil Ahmed Ibupoto said you are lucky because you will acquire higher education at this prestigious institution. Dr. Ibupoto said that youth is the instrument of social change and development. You have to contribute positively in the nation building because you have to render future responsibilities and to you have to face several challenges in the society. Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur will provide you a peaceful, conducive and congenial environment in the academic pursuit, he added.

The Vice Chancellor appreciated the various committees for the successful conduct of entry test. The 1350 candidates appeared in the test at Main Campus while more than 50 candidates appeared in the test at Ghotki Campus. Prof. Dr. Syed Maqsood Zia Shah, Pro-Vice Chancellor Ghotki Campus visited the venue of the test.

For more information, contact:
Shah Abdul Latif University (SALU)
Old National Highway, Khairpur, 66020 Sindh, Pakistan
Tel: +92-243-9280051-4
Fax: +92-243-9280060

PH. D open defense seminar held in the department of public administration 

Khairpur, January 17, 2023 (PPI-OT):Ph. D Open Defense Seminar was held in the Department of Public Administration, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur presided over by Prof. Dr. Khalil Ahmed Ibupoto, Vice Chancellor. Mr. Ali Raza Lashari, Ph. D Research Scholar defended his research on the topic “Impact of Institutional Climate on Teachers’ Retention: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Higher Educational Institutions of Sindh” under the supervision of Dr. Nazar Hussain Phulpoto.

Addressing to the participants of seminar Prof. Dr. Khalil Ahmed Ibupoto remarked that the research work of scholar will strengthen the public and private Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) because the quality of the teaching faculty is an imperative for the nation building. He said the scholar has embarked research work in line with the minimum eligibility criteria of HEC.

Mr. Ali Raza Lashari said that the crux of my research is to improve the institutional climate so the retention of quality teachers in both public and private HEIs may be retained. He said there are different parameters for improving the institutional performance i.e. recognition, reward, career growth and compensation. He said it is an appropriate that conducive institutional climate must be maintained in public and sector HEIs. Prof. Dr. Amir Hussain Shar, Dean Faculty of Management Sciences said that the research work of the scholar will be beneficial in the field of Public Administration in the component of Human Resource Management.

Prof. Dr. Muqarrab Akbar from Bahaudin Zakariya University Multan and Prof. Dr. Sarfaraz Ahmed Dakhan from Sukkur IBA University, Sukkur also spoke on this occasion. They said that the research scholar has significantly delivered his Open Defense. The recommendations of the scholar are academic worthy. Prof. Dr. Syed Muneer Shah, Chairman Department of Public Administration and Dr. Nazar Hussain Phulpoto, Research Supervisor appreciated the research work presented by the scholar.

They said that the research work will be value-added for the Department of Public Administration. Prof. Dr. Naveed Ahmed Shaikh, Director Postgraduate Studies conducted the proceedings of the seminar. The Open Defense was declared as successful. A large number of Faculty Members and Research Scholars attended the seminar.

For more information, contact:
Shah Abdul Latif University (SALU)
Old National Highway, Khairpur, 66020 Sindh, Pakistan
Tel: +92-243-9280051-4
Fax: +92-243-9280060