Arabian Development & Marketing Company Inks Deal with Sabrewing Aircraft to Purchase 53 “Rhaegal-A” VTOL Air Cargo Drones

This marks the third contract with ADMC totaling over a €1 billion in orders

RH-1A Rhaegal

Sabrewing Aircraft Company, Inc. announced today that its RH-1-A “Rhaegal” VTOL air cargo drone had achieved its first hover flight while lifting a record-setting payload.

OXNARD, Calif., Nov. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In a joint announcement today between Arabian Development and Marketing Corporation (ADMC) and Sabrewing Aircraft Company, Inc., the two companies stated that ADMC had ordered 53 of the record-breaking heavy-lift cargo uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV). This event comes on the heels of Sabrewing’s Rhaegal-A “Alpha” aircraft’s first world record breaking flight.

“We had a phenomenal response to our first flight announcement,” said Ed De Reyes, CEO of Sabrewing. “We are meeting our customers’ requests of carrying large volumes of cargo while lifting heavy payloads of weight.”

This September, Sabrewing announced that it had flown its first flight with a record-breaking 829 pound/374 kg payload – the most for any commercial cargo UAV. According to De Reyes, the Rhaegal-A has continued to fly and lift heavy payloads as part of its final development program.

ADMC currently has 128 orders for Sabrewing’s Rhaegal-B “Bravo” aircraft, that is capable of lifting 5,400 pounds/2,450 kg vertically and up to 10,000 pounds/4,535 kg conventionally. Both the “Alpha” and “Bravo” models are capable of taking off vertically. They are the only cargo UAV capable of taking off both vertically and conventionally (as a fixed-wing aircraft).

De Reyes continued, “Because we already have the molds, hardware, software and avionics from our first aircraft, we’ve completed the majority of the development work on the Alpha model aircraft. We were looking for a launch customer to start production. ADMC found customers who were interested in buying and leasing the cargo UAV. We had an overwhelming response to our first flight, and interest skyrocketed from day one of the announcement.”

De Reyes added, “On our very first flight, we carried a payload that beat the highest planned payload capacity of the closest competitor by almost 500 pounds, and with over four times more volume than the closest competitors. Since our first payload was only about one-third of what we can carry, we knew it was going to attract a lot of customers who have the need to carry a ton or more of cargo in a large cargo bay.”

Ayman Zeibak, General Manager of ADMC, noted, “We are the first launch customer for the Bravo aircraft, ordering 128 of Sabrewing’s Rhaegal-B “Bravo” aircraft valued at over €768 million. We now have a mix of highly versatile aircraft to lease to our African and Middle Eastern customers.”

Zeibak noted, “The Sabrewing Alpha is just the right size for some of the smaller air cargo companies who don’t have contracts with FedEx, DHL or another major carrier, but have the need to carry 1000 kilos of bulk cargo to remote locations on a regular basis.”

This launch order represents an additional €260 million in revenue for Sabrewing, as well as the launch of an additional product line. De Reyes also said that they expect to begin delivering the first Alpha models for type certification testing by the beginning of the 3rd quarter of 2023.

About Sabrewing Aircraft Company
Sabrewing Aircraft Company was founded in 2016 and built the prototype aircraft in Hayward, California. The Sabrewing team has over 98 years of aircraft design and manufacturing experience, and the flight test team has over 145 years of flight test and certification experience with the FAA, EASA, CAA, Air Transport Canada, and several other regulatory agencies. Sabrewing’s d development partners have provided an additional 46 engineers of all disciplines, making the Rhaegal aircraft the best-designed, best-in-class vehicles in the sky. For more information visit:

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Highlights from IHHN’S emergency medicine leadership course 

Karachi, November 02, 2022 (PPI-OT):The Emergency Department (ED) at IHHN, Korangi Campus, conducted a three-day Emergency Medicine Leadership (EML) Course from October 26-28, 2022. The objective of the course is to familiarize the participants with the various aspects of ED leadership through lectures from subject experts and peer mentorship. The course included renowned speakers from across Pakistan and abroad.


Emergency Medicine Leadership Course – Day 1

Dr. Saima Ali, Head of the Department – Emergency Services (Adult), IHHN; Ms. Qurat ul Ain Maroof, Clinical Services Management, IHHN; and Mr. Abid Ali, Nursing, IHHN; gave a broad overview of the importance of appropriate staffing in Emergency Medicine to ensure smooth process flow.

Dr. Sean Kivlehan from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Dr. Adeel Khatri, Consultant, Emergency Medicine, IHHN, and Mr. Tariq Aziz, Nursing, IHHN, emphasized the role of triage and the impact of efficient triage on patient volume.

Mr. Imran Jamal gave a comprehensive breakdown of the negative impact of ED crowding on patient outcomes.

Dr. Sama Mukhtar and Dr. Ali Kashan spoke about hands-off communication and the role of EMS in safe patient referrals.

Candidates enthusiastically took part in group presentations, building on shared knowledge and designing efficient emergency departments.

Emergency Medicine Leadership Course – Day 2

Dr. Syed Moyn Ali, Director, IME, JSMU, and Dr. Megan Rybarcyzk, University of Pennsylvania, led a discussion on the development of EM educational courses.

Continuing with the theme of education, Dr. Saima Ali, Dr. Sabahat Fatima, Dr. Jabeen Fayyaz, and Dr. Megan Rybarcyzk lead an interactive session on teaching and learning methodologies.

Dr. Paul Charlton, Dr. Junaid Patel, and Dr. Saima Ali led an interactive session on conflict resolution and negotiation and difficult conversations in an ED setting.

Dr. Sama Mukhtar, Dr. Lubna Mushtaq, Dr. Afsah Khan, Dr. Julie Uspal, Dr. Wasfa Farooq, and Dr. Joseph Leanza discussed quality and safety in an ED environment and performance measurement and improvement through ED data. The candidates participated in a related group activity where they had to design their own clinical pathway for their respective ED.

Emergency Medicine Leadership Course – Day 3

Dr. M. Bilal Hassan, Program Coordinator for F-PEM, led an interactive session on the risks, benefits, and ethics behind the use of social media while working in a professional setting.

Dr. Adeel Khatri, Dr. Hiba Kausar, Dr. Urooj Adnan, and Dr. Afsah Khan conducted a simulated mass casualty incident for candidates with a focus on the following: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

Dr. Zafar Zaidi, CEO, IHHN; Dr. Ghazanfar Saleem, Chair of IHHN’s Emergency Service Line; Dr. Afsah Khan and Dr. Mulinda Nyrinda highlighted the need for ED leadership and how to lead from the front.

The program concluded with closing remarks from Dr. Zafar Zaidi, Dr. Megan Rybarcyzk, Dr. Lubna Mushtaq, Head of Quality and Monitoring Directorate, IHHN, and Dr. Muhammad Shamvil Ashraf, Executive Director, IHHN.

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Punjab University teacher participates in International Symposium at Turkiye 

Lahore, November 02, 2022 (PPI-OT):In connection with the 75th anniversary of Pakistan, an international symposium was organized by the Islamic Research Institute (ISLAM) and Istanbul University on mutual relations between Turkiye and Pakistan.

In this symposium papers were presented in Urdu, Turkish, Arabic and English languages by the researchers. Punjab University Institute of Urdu Language and Literature Associate Professor Dr Muhammad Naeem presented a paper entitled ‘Turkey and Turks in Urdu Prose’ which was appreciated by the participants.

He showed by analysing different texts of fictional and non-fictional prose that in Urdu, moral and aesthetic standards were derived from Turkey and the Turks. Moreover, in the context of international politics of the last two centuries, various aspects of the cultural and national relations of the two countries have been finding a place in Urdu prose.

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Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Parvez Elahi grants approval to establish theme park in the safari zoo to provide quality recreational facilities 

Lahore, November 02, 2022 (PPI-OT):On the special direction of Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Parvez Elahi recreational facilities will be provided in the Lahore Zoo and the Safari Zoo and the decision to reorganize Lahore Zoo and Safari Zoo has been taken in this regard.

CM has also granted approval to establish a theme park in the Safari Zoo in order to provide quality recreational facilities to the children of a common man. CM disclosed that the Safari Zoo will be made a recreation place of an international level adding that South Asian and African theme zones will be established in the Safari Zoo.

He revealed that food courts will be established in the Lahore Zoo and the Safari Zoo in the forest environment and the food courts will remain open at night also.CM presided over a meeting in which a decision has been made to establish Zoo and Wildlife Management Authority in order to provide maximum recreational facilities to the children of the common man.

CM accorded approval to establish Zoo and Wildlife Management Authority and stated that the Zoo and Wildlife Management Authority will work for the construction and restoration of the zoo houses and safari zoos across Punjab. He highlighted that legislation will be done for setting up Zoo and Wildlife Management Authority and an Act will soon be presented in the Punjab Assembly for establishing this authority.

Joy land, tram structure and other facilities will be provided in the safari zoo and bird shows will also be organized in the Lahore Zoo for the interest of children. CM directed that the proposal to establish food courts on the 7 kanal land adjoining with the Lahore Zoo and Bagh-e-Jinnah will be reviewed adding that facilities will further be improved as well as made attractive in the zoos so that maximum number of people can come for recreation.

CM further directed that innovations like tiger tunnel should be introduced in the Safari Zoo adding that a ride history gallery should be established in the Lahore Zoo and Safari Zoo to provide awareness to the children about the history. He further directed that breeding of the birds should be reviewed in the Zoo and Safari Zoo.

He said that he directed to establish a master plan to provide better recreational facilities in the safari zoo during his previous tenure. Unfortunately, the PML-N government politicized this programme like many other projects. Shahbaz Sharif halted our every work which incurred loss to the national exchequer.

CM presided over a meeting at CMO today in which DG Wildlife gave him a briefing regarding Lahore Zoo and Safari Zoo. Principal Secretary to CM Muhammad Khan Bhatti, former Principal Secretary GM Sikandar, former bureaucrat Shumail Ahmed Khawaja, Secretary Forests, Secretary Information, DG Wildlife, DGPR and concerned officials attended the meeting.

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Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Parvez Elahi holds meeting to review financial management act for departmental transparency

Lahore, November 02, 2022 (PPI-OT):A meeting was held under the chair of Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Parvez Elahi in which the financial management act was reviewed. The finance secretary gave a briefing on the important features of the act.

The CM directed to settle the related issues and added that it should be finalized without delay because financial management is very important for the transparent use of public funds and good governance. He noted that the financial affairs of the departments will be made more transparent while the balance between expenditures and receipts will improve economic affairs.

He vowed to fully monitor the financial affairs of the public sector departments adding that financial management and allied issues will be reviewed after every three months. Necessary reforms will be introduced to improve the financial affairs and government departments will have to be held accountable for financial irregularities, he added. Provincial Finance Minister Mohsin Leghari, Principal Secretary Muhammad Khan Bhatti and others attended the meeting.

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Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Parvez Elahi and former federal minister Moonis Elahi met with Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani 

Lahore, November 02, 2022 (PPI-OT):Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Parvez Elahi and former Federal Minister Moonis Elahi met with Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani today in which matters pertaining to mutual interest and political situation came under discussion. Overseas Pakistani Tanvir Ahmed coming from America was also present on the occasion.

Sadiq Sanjrani appreciated the revolutionary steps being taken by the CM for the welfare and betterment of the people of Punjab. Sadiq Sanjrani lauded that the CM took exemplary steps for the public welfare in a short span of time. Tanvir Ahmed on this occasion stated that we will bring foreign coaches from America to impart coaching and latest training to the Pakistani players.

Tanvir Ahmed said that funds will also be provided for the promotion and training of tent -pegging and boating in Pakistan. CM vowed to go to the last extent in order to provide maximum relief to the common man and regretfully stated that the PML-N government had politicized welfare projects of his tenure.

CM said that the PML-N was a party of GT Road in the past from Punjab and now PML-N has even been wiped out from the GT Road as well. CM said that the focus of our politics is to ensure welfare of the poor man adding that neither did we do vindictive politics in the past nor will do so.CM underscored that we are doing whatever we can to provide relief to people of Punjab.

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