K-Electric power shut down notice April 16, 2014

Karachi, April 16, 2014 (PPI-OT):

DATE        TYPE OF SHUT DOWN                      FEEDER NAME                       AFFECTED PMTs / AREAS                              TIME

16/4/2014   Maintenance Work                       RABIA CITY FEEDER                 PIA SOCIETY BLK-9, HAMZA CNG BLK-11, WARID         0900 TO 1700 HRS.
                                                                                     TELECOM (OPP A-183 GATE # 01)BLK-9, MOHIB
                                                                                     COLONY BLK-9, RUSTAM ZIKRI GOYH BLK-11,
                                                                                     HAFTA BAZAR (GREEN BELT PIA SOCIETY) BLK-
                                                                                     9 and RABIA CITY BLK-18 etc

16/4/2014   Maintenance Work                       Café Millat/Liaquatabad           Liaquatabad: Liaquat abad - 4 S/S                  0900 TO 1700 HRS.

16/4/2014   Maintenance Work                       BURNS GARDEN and VOLKART          BURNS GARDEN and VOLKART BROTHERS                  0900 TO 1700 HRS.

16/4/2014   Maintenance Work                       NCHS                              Gulshan: Akbar Pardise                             0900 TO 1700 HRS.

16/4/2014   Installation of EFI on double cables   City mall+FTC                     KDA scheme 01.                                     0900 TO 1700 HRS.
                                                                                     Sindhi muslim

16/4/2014   Corrective Maintenance                 Anjuman parsi                     Lac1 D/pmt to Alfalah masjid pmt                   0900 TO 1700 HRS.

16/4/2014   Maintenance Work                                                         Rub Centre Feeder. Area: Block-2 Gulshan-e-Iqbal   0900 TO 1700 HRS.

16/4/2014   Maintenance Work                       Noble Heights: MUHAMMAD IQBAL     Chandni Chowk, Overseas Society,New Town           0900 TO 1700 HRS.
                                                   NED LEJ. COMPLEX UNIVERSITY PMT
                                                   ABDUL RASHEED PMT
                                                   AMINA SQUAE PMT
                                                   JAFFAR ARCADE PMT
                                                   LIAQUAT NATIONAL LIBRARY
                                                   CAMPUS PMT
                                                   NEW TOWN S/S
                                                   NOBLE HEIGHTS SS
                                                   OVERSEAS SOCIETY PMT
                                                   SABZI WALI PMT
                                                   SILVA ARCADE PMT
                                                   SUPREME COURT PMT
                                                   UMAR ARCADE PMT

16/4/2014   Maintenance Work                       Clayton Qtr: CLAYTON QTR PMT-2    Fatima Jinnah Colony, Jamshed Road No.3, Fatima    0900 TO 1700 HRS.
                                                                                     Jinnah Colony, Gujrat Colony Clayton
                                                   CLAYTON QTR PMT-1
                                                   CLAYTON QTR PMT-3
                                                   HABIB BANK PMT
                                                   POLE 29 PMT
                                                   UNANI DAWAKHANA PMT

16/4/2014   Dismantling Of PMT 150 KVA due to      Pyramid Centre                    Block-21, FB Area                                  1100 TO 1200 HRS.
            leakage of oil

16/4/2014   Maintenance Work                       Defence 5 SS                      DHA Phase II                                       0900 TO 1700 HRS.

16/4/2014   Maintenance Work                       Boosting Pumping 3 SS             DHA Phase I                                        0900 TO 1700 HRS.

16/4/2014   Maintenance Work                       M Street PMT                      DHA Phase IV                                       0900 TO 1700 HRS.

16/4/2014   Maintenance Work                       ALI AKBER SHAH                    ALI AKBER SHAH GOTH, SEC50-C: ARIF THALA           0900 TO 1700 HRS.
                                                                                     PMT, ELAHIA MASJID PMT, RAMZAN HOTEL
                                                                                     PMT, SHARIF PMT

16/4/2014   Maintenance Work                       OLD THANA                         E-AREA, D-AREA: CABLE WALI PMT, ISRAR              0900 TO 1700 HRS.
                                                                                     D/PMT, SHAHZAB COUCILOR PMT,

16/4/2014   System improvement work on                                               Power interruptions in areas being supplied        1000 TO 1300 HRS.
            132kV Baldia / SITE / SGT circuit #                                      through SITE, Liaquatabad, Haroonabad,
            1                                                                        Nazimabad grids.

For more information, contact:
Syed Ahmed Faraz
DGM- Media Cell
Formerly known as Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited (KESC)
2nd Floor, State Life Building No 11,
Abdullah Haroon Road, Saddar, Karachi
Tel: +9221 9920 7163
Cell: +923018286193
Email: ahmed.faraz@ke.com.pk


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